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My experience with PATM (first time post)
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My experience with PATM (first time post)

I thought that I was the only person in this world living with this problem and I have been searching for years trying to
find out if others are affected by my same condition and I am sooo happy I finallly found
this forum where I can relate to so many others. I have benn struggling with PATM for about 5 years now. I can't exactly
remember when the onset occured or why. My original
theory as to why I have PATM is from psoriasis. My family has a history of psoriasis and have never been affected by psoriasis
until my sophomore year of college when I developed really dry scalp which caused severe dandruff then continually became
worse from the lifestyle I was living abusing adderall (adderrall) and not getting adequate amounts of nutrients and vitamin which eventually
lead to me developing PATM. Every where I go most people start coughing, clearing their throats, sneezing, get running nose,
get irritated eyes, etc. I printed out
a couple of threads from this forum and showed it to my doctor but he still doesn't believe me. He tells me "so, people are
allergic to you? I'm not allergic to you." I don't know what to do anymmore. It's so hard to live with this and ever since
it started I have withdrawn myself from family and friends but they don't know why. I have not told anyone close to me about
this condition and they still don't know I am the cause of their "allergies." I was perfectly fine up until my seconnd year
of college then it all started. It started with having dry scalp and severe dandruff then just progressed into PATM. I don't
know what onset it. My PATM gets worse when I am stressed, take adderall (adderrall), smoke marijuana, and perform physical activities.

All of these events happened around the time of the onset of my PATM: Here are some theories as to what may have caused my PATM:
1. I was diagnosed with ADHD and my doctor prescribed adderall (adderrall) which I abused for 3 years.
2. I started smoking cigarettes and marijuana
3. My scalp became extrememly dry and I had extremely bad dandruff which eventually lead to PATM

Some theories that can explain my onset of PATM:
1. Adderall (adderrall) abuse: I abused adderall (adderrall) for 3 years which made my psoriasis condition worsen and could have triggered a biological
   reaction and dormant genetic alteration to become active leading to PATM
2. The mold exposure for nearly 2 years could have cause some kind of toxins to enter my immune system
   causing an auto-immune disease which eventually triggered PATM
3. The abuse of adderall (adderrall) could have also caused my a circulatory system disorder leading to poor skin health causing PATM
4. Smoking cigarettes and marijuana triggered an onset of my psoriasis gene causing PATM but i highly doubt this theory because
   many people in my immediate family smoke regularly and don't have PATM

As of today, I believe that my scalp condition is what is causing people I come in contact with daily to "be allergic to me"
I go to the doctor regularly trying to cure this condition. My condition has improved once i stopped using adderall (adderrall) and smoking
marijuana but it still affects me. I am trying to improve my diet and get my daily recommended dose of vitamins and minerals.
My doctor prescribed me a scalp oil named derma-smoothe fs. I have been using it nightly for the past 3 weeks and but still
people are allergic to me. Though, some days when I go to work it seems that customers are a lot more tolerable and much
less are getting a really harsh cough from coming in contact with me. I will continue to use derma-smoothe for 6 months and
see how it improves my PATM. I am hopeful but will rigorously research this condition. I also want the medical field to recognize
this as a legitimate condition that many people suffer from.

I believe that the main cause of PATM mainly has implications of genetic factors that could be onset by various factors such
as life style (i.e. nutrition, substance abuse, environmental conditions) but at this moment I have not done much research
on PATM because I originally thought it was my psoriasis that was causing allergies in the people I come in contact with

But, For all we know maybe PATM is just a form of psoriasis that was onset by some kind of environmental or gentetic factor.
And for all of us that suffer from this horrible condition there has to be something out there..a study of some kind because
this is a legitimate condition affected many persons in this world and if there isn't they need to do do something. As far as
I know scientists still can't determine the exact cause of psorisis so until they figure that out i highly doubt they know
much about PATM. Hopefully, in the near future they see PATM as a true diagnosed condition.

Btw, sorry for my horrible writing skills. I can't process my thoughts from my head onto a piece of paper in an orderly fashions
so sorry if it's hard for all of you to follow my pattern of thought. I haven't dont much research on this which is why my
thoughts are all over the place but hopefully you can sort of follow my thinking. Since finding this forumm and realizing
how many people suffer from this I will research thoroughly into what PATM is or what it's caused by and will repost with a
more in depth and intellectual post. Thank you guys so much for sharing and once again I am so glad I came across this forum.
God bless you all
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well I say that this problem has nothing to do with your scalp
(I don't have scalp problems)
or body odor (wich I dont have also)
The only thing in common, I guess, is marijuana abuse, and some sort
of psychological problem ( I was diagnosed with psichosis due to marijuana abuse).
i used to be a hared working women and is now on dissability struggling because of this disease but sooner or later im gonna say and go back to work and say ...everyone who is elergic to me because i cant get no help
My problem began after being exposed to mold for two year. When I moved out and left the area. About 90% of people I come contact with have these reactions. I also have some digestive problems which I think one are both are causing this. Still searching....
Hey guys I suffer with PATM and volunteer for Mebo Research to find a cure. I published a few you tube videos. We will recently start a breath test for chemicals program. We will obtain a breath analyzer that will indentify chemicals from the breath. We are hoping that this study will serve to purposes 1) find answer or cures by allowing to identify any chemicals emitting that are systemic in nature (tested will get their results ) and 2) a study that dicussess the aggregrate findings of all testers that may be published into a scientfic paper. The scientist is charging a low cost of $275 to analyze. The dowside is that the test cannot be conducted at home but only directly into the machine which means a meetup must take place. I will be conducting the first one in Chicago. If you are interested subscribe to the Mebo research Blog or send me an email at ***@****. I know its not perfect but we have to start somehwere to find answers. We need to figure this thing out guys.  
I found this when I was dealing with AWFUL gas! It was gross and so embarrassing ... after days of reading and talking w others etc I came to find that my problem is candida (yeast) in my intestines ... that is what makes the awful smell ... it seems like the symptoms you all are talking about are similar. There are some simple tests you can do the spit test, first thing in the morning spit twice in a glass of water and if it has stringy leg etc you have a whole body yeast infection ... I would do some google-ing on this ... I found a couple of great natural healing blog post type sites ... earthclinic and curezone are just a couple I liked

I am having great success in just a few days with activated charcoal, apple cider vinegar, oil of oregano, aloe juice, and I cut my sugar and wheat ... no dairy and meat already... and I ordered cold pressed coconut oil, probiotics, and enzymes .... and I am going for a colonic asap ... I spent maybe $75 on all the stuff I could have gotten it cheaper shopping around but I just got it all on amazon bcz it was easy ...

Please do some reading on candida and natural cures, do not buy any miracle pills or cures, even the natural ones ... just read up and get what you need which is something to kill the yeast and bacteria, replace w probiotics and enzymes ... balance your body and ph acidity level and change your diet ... you will be cured I am certain!
Your body is just out of whack

Good luck!
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