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Please Help!!!

First of all, words cannot express what I felt when I found this forum. My life, and the lives of my sweet angels (my children) have been pushed into reverse ever since May 2009 over the SAME issues in this forum. Since then, I have devoted every minute to finding a remedy to this WICKED shame (each night I rock my children to sleep, praying to god that if I cant beat this, to leave the suffering with me and spare my babies, ages 10 and 2).
My story is so long, so I will spare it unless more info is needed for anyone to help.
I know what is happening, for I am adult, but my children do not, and since I have been told by many doctors that I am a druggie or crazy right in front of my ten year old, she has chosen to be a brave little girl and "ignore" it all by lashing out at those who make fun of her (although she tells me I am not crazy). My two year old son, another story. He's two, so hes so innocent, but he is aggravated and agitated alot of the time. My husband, he's almost not my husband anymore, and after telling me i'm crazy and the way he's been so unsupportive (and down-right mean) to me (he told the children I am crazy as well, and has made fun of me in front of them too) I could care less.
I have found, that in addition to the sneezing, itching and other symptoms involved, that our hair has been hard to comb or brush and that its lost all its shine. Our hair looks dull, damaged and broken.....which shouldn't be. I also have noticed that my fingernails (once awesome, healthy and easy to grow out - my nails were the type beauty salons hated) no longer grow, break and are brittle. Toenails too and my children have the same issue (their nails are brittle) I have tried OTC fungals for this cause, as well as tea tree and vites made for hair and nails and to no avail (also note, I try ALL remidies, home or personal, on myself first)
I was never a clean-freak, and never a pig either, until this surfaced. I have to be very discreet as to what I try to manage these horrible symptoms (my daughter goes to school, but my son is home with me, as well as my unemployed husband) for fear that I will be ridiculed.
My experience  - I believe in our case is personal as well as environmental.
My best results have been enzyme cleaner and lime for the home, peppermint castile soap for the SHOWER (no baths - I miss them) and ALOT of vaccuming. I use borax in my regular laundry detergent for our clothes. I try as hard as I can to let my kids be just
If i am rambling its because i have shut myself off from everyone in my little world, they didn't understand, and I didn't need the sarcasm, so it's been a VERY long time that I have been able to just let go. I have so much inside, I didn't know what to say first. If anyone has any suggestions as to how to help children, I would be more than appreciative. I worry about them so much...their little lives are just that, and all I want for them is to be able to be like all the other kids and have the self-esteem to think that they are just like all the other kids.
Thank you and god bless us all
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You sound really distraught and stressed out.  There are certain types of symptoms such as the PATM and also TMAU that when you say to family and medical professionals that you think you are giving off an odour or causing a reaction in people, they tell you are mad!

Well this forum proves we are not mad.

The problem is that people on this forum and on the body odour forum are struggling to find the underlying reason for our symptoms, but it should make you feel better to know that there are others you can share your fears with on-line.

You say your problems started in May 2009 - can I ask did something happen in your life at time?  Were you on holiday?  Did you go swimming?  Did you get repairs done in your house?  Did you change your diet or start to take medications, or stopped medications?  

Have you had a swab of your mouth, nose, teeth to see if there is any mould or unusual bacteria?   If not, it might be wise to do this.   Also do you have any odour?
Some people with TMAU have a sporadic odour and people can cover their mouths and nose since the smell can be quite bad, and they may also give off a gas that causes people to cough, sneeze etc.  Usually if you have TMAU your family members will never notice the odour and if it is only sporadic your GP etc will deny you have it.
Hope this helps.  

Also to calm down you should take time to read or meditate each day - just focus on something nice each day.     You have taken a big step in putting your feelings down in writing, now try to be positive.

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