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Severe teenage depression.
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Severe teenage depression.

I have severe depression and therefore severe school refusal.
I haven't been to school in 3 months now , my mom is very upsad I talked to her we went to a therapist she prescribed me sertraline and xanox, I just can't go to school.
Where I live there's no such thing as homeschool or anything like that.
I think the main problem behind my depression is my severe acne and severe acne scarring, I'm a guy so I'm using a little foundation to cover up ,the problem is I get bullied for waring make up , I really don't know what to do.
My mom cries everyday sayin that she is doing everything she can to help me and I still don't respond back.
I just feel like if I go to school I will faith, I only have 2 months left of school and then there's the summer vacation.
Thank you for reaind and PLEASE save me from this.Should I force my self every morrning to go to school?Should I let my-self be held for antoher year?Any advice is greatly appriciated.
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Have you been to a dermatologist about the acne?  Have they given you any treatment?
Yes, you should make yourself go to school.

And also back to see the doctor.  Acne at any age is no fun and very embarrassing for your and make you feel self conscious.

The doctor can prescribe antibiotics to control the bacteria that cause the acne.

Although it is a hormonal problem because of your age, it does help to have a very healthy and well balanced diet which includes fresh fruit and veg.  Cut out the junk food, fizzy drinks sweets, chocolates, cakes, etc.  Make sure you drink plenty of water, 2-3 litres per day is usually recommended more if you sweat a lot and workout.

Your mum could get you preparations like the soaps and cleansers that are specially formulated to treat acne problem skin.  It is important to keep it clean.  If the foundation has not been prescribed by the doctor and is just normal foundation, this will clog your pores up even more and will encourage more acne.

When I was 16 my doctor prescribed a special foundation to apply that helped to dry the acne on my face and back.  I was 16 a very long time ago and there are probably different things available now that the doctor can prescribe for you.

If it is the acne that is the root of your depression, your depression will only ease when you get your acne problem sorted out.  Sometimes you have to be on medication for quite a long time, so don't think that 1 week course of antibiotics will get rid of it.

Don't let the acne interfere with your enjoyment of your life.  You are not the first person nor the last that has this problem.  But do go to your doctor and get medical help to treat it properly.

Best wishes.

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