Cant bend my left leg at all
by qwertyuiopasdf21, Jan 09, 2013
Well today while playing icehockey i fell n when i fell im pretty sure my foot  turned  left n i heoard a pop right wen i landed .. I knew something was wrong thaCudnt get up at all had to be helped off the ice .. When i went to.the dkctors later they took mi xrays n i guess they never got.anything on it because doctor just made me sit for hours nd than tried knee (cant bend at all verry painful) n.later he just gae me a brace to wear and toldbme to get my mri done next.week.. N i.have the.brace on right now n it gets more painful second.on i can walk tho but obviously i have to keep mi leg straight. i can put wieght on mi leg but it  hurts a bit,,, and the pain is moving down my leg as time is passing by for some reason I dont know its just one of the most painful experiences of my life..

pain is mostly on left side of.left knee kinda below the knee cap on the left

srry for mistakes im typing.on phone please help im just worried tht the doctor got lazy cuz it was a busy day.. Please please help if any more questions please ask
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by Zbrea1, Jan 12, 2013
You need to calm doen and go two the ER i i agree maybe your DR got lazy but do get this checked out