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Please help! (9 months old - sleep issues)
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Please help! (9 months old - sleep issues)

Hello everyone,
I'm new here, and I know there must have been a tons of posts to the exact same issue that I am going through (and I promise, I am researching and trying to read them), but I just need some advice and support, so please help!
My son is 9 months old, big and tall baby :) He is breastfed (exclusively until 6 months), but now we added some formula and solids. We were not in a hurry with the solids, because he is gaining weight very well, and he did not show any interest in solids for a while.
But now the day with feeding (solids) goes like this: 9 am breakfast (yogurt, about 1/2 of a the container) plus 2 oz of formula, 1 pm lunch (either something from a jar, or something I make, but maybe about 50 g of food, maybe a little more, plus 2 oz of formula), 5 pm dinner (yogurt - the other half, or banana or something like this, plus 2 oz of formula). And before nighttime he gets about 4 oz of formula.
In the middle of those feedings I also breastfeed. So I don't think he is hungry, but on the other hand, he is a big baby. Maybe he needs more?
He usually takes 2 naps, but they are not exactly set in stone, because I work, and sometimes he won't sleep without me.
Anyways, the night is a problem: He sleeps in his room since he was 5 weeks. Up until 5 months or so he was sleeping through the night, but around 6 months we went to visit family, and slept in the same room. He started waking up every 2 hours. We came back home, and it continues... As soon as he hears my footsteps, he stops crying, but he "calls" every hour now.
The doctor said: SLEEP TRAINING! Don't go in there...
I am leaning towards going in there without picking him up, leaving, coming back in 5, 10 etc. minutes.
I need support :( I am not sure that this will work. He is such a reasonable baby during the day, I am feeling horrible about doing this to him, but I realize that it can only get worse from here...
Any comments, advice, links, anything?
P.S. He has 6 teeth already, but when the first 2 came out, he slept through the night
P.P.S. Sorry the post turned out that long... Thank you!
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I would wait and see whether he self settles... go in after 5 - 10 mins of crying.. my 11 month old tends to whinge cause he wants to sleep next to me in which i tend to give in especially if i'm working the next day... otherwise is he waking cause he is hungry?? If i can get away with it i usually go in and pop his dummy in and out i go or i listen to see if he is awake or just calling in his sleep
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