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Hi guys!

I got my rabbit 'Belle' in March2O1O.
She's is an amazing rabbit and haven't had any bother with her atal (:
She's fun,playful always running about the garden, all in all she's always full of energy!
She's affectionate and loves a good cuddle and is spoilt rotten!

Last Tuesday i went in for an operation and over the past week i haven't been able to spend
an awful lot of time with her, and my mum's had the duty of feeding her etc, whilst i recover.
Today i went out to feed her and she was acting a bit weird :/ Not coming up to the door
licking me to bits! And wouldn't come across so i could give her a cuddle, which for Belle
is really strange as every opportunity she gets for a good cuddle she'd jump at!
Her eyes are really swollen, red and weeping. She got this during the summer but
i kept a close eye on her and bathed her eye and the problem seemed to go away after a week.
What I'm REALY concerned about is her weight, she's always had a bit of beef on her but
over the past week shes all fur and bones when I'm stoking her i can feel her spine :/
There's just nothing to her. She isn't acting herself atal.
I don't know what has caused this so sudden but I'm extremely worried!
Could it have been that i have been away for too long and shes been feeling lonely?
Or the only other thing i can think of is someone new has moved next door and has 3 cats which
i have caught on the high fence above my rabbit hutch, several times. Could it be this?
Or am i just over paranoid?

I apologise if people think I'm just wasting my time but was hoping someone could give me a little advice?
I'm just really really worried about her.

Thanks for your time on reading this,
Love, Kayla xx
email me (:
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She needs to be seen by a vet. The extreme weight loss over a week, the lethargy, the infected looking eyes are all pointing to a serious illness. This is way more than some irritated eyes. And it's way more than just missing you. Please take her in before it's too late. She sounds very special and it would be a shame to lose her.
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It may have started out as simple missing you, I know my (male) rabbit if he doesn't see me for a few days will get really lonely and go off his food/water. Your bunny may have also noticed something happened to you. Animal pick up on stress from their humans, so she may have figured out something was going to happen to you (the surgery). She may also be stressed about the cats nearby and possibly been attacked by them, possibly getting her eye(s). Take her to a vet ASAP I'm not a vet, but I know when my bunny was attacked by a racoon and his eye was scratched he got very weird for a while. Take her in, and give her lots of cuddles, possibly find a blanket or something you don't mind her tearing up and sleep with it for a night or two, leave it with her so she has something that smells like you. Hope this helps!
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