Any PCOS weight loss success stories?
by loveamiracle, Nov 07, 2010
Hi, I am 23 years old and about 9 months ago I was told I have PCOS. I believe I have had it since I started having periods since I had many of the symptoms. The only symptom I never experienced (until recently) was weight gain. All growing up I was a very small child and throughout high school I was the same. My highest weight in high school was no more that 110lbs. I have never struggled with weight, until a few years ago. After I got married (and our eating habits only changed for the better) and shortly before marriage, I started putting on the pounds. Quickly! Within 5 months I had put on 30lbs then three months later 40 more! I couldn't believe my eyes. I never had this issue before! That's when I saw my OB, after being diagnosed I was told I needed to lose weight because thats what caused the PCOS, but I don't believe it, it just doesn't add up to me. Why the sudden weight gain? They lectured me and lectured me because I want to get pregnant and am obese now. All I have been told so far is I have to lose the weight, but I am exercising and eating right and I see nothing! I was put on Metformin 500mg 2X a day after being diagnosed and I have seen no change in weight or facial hair! I am frustrated because I hate the way I feel being this large. I guess my main question is are there ANY success stories out there of women losing weight with PCOS and taking metformin? I could really use some encouragement. I want so bad to start our family, but if I am this uncomfortable being my weight now, I fear how I will feel being pregnant.
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by Nolta, Nov 09, 2010
Once I got of college and moved in with at the time boyfriend (now my husband) I slowly put on the weight too. Now that we are ttc and found out I have PCOS I have been struggling with the weight loss. So far in 8 months I have only been able to loss 30lbs. What really helped me was that I took out the high calorie foods and drinks ie: Starbucks and all pop. I will only drink pop when we go out to eat because I hate restaurant water (most places do not filter). Starbucks is a rare thing for me now I just can’t pass up the Pumpkin Spice thank goodness its only seasonal. Anyhow I eat the same food but very little portions. If you starve yourself with your favorite foods the diet won’t last. Plus I go walking no less than 3 times a week and about 3 miles or more. It can be hard to fit it in tight schedules. I hope this helps, its also great when husbands join in. It ***** to watch them loss weight faster so I feed my husband more food when I’m cooking dinner and me less. Ohh small plates really help to control portion sizes. It will be hard at first but look at it as a life changing thing and not a short term.

Good Luck
by bonzo2670, Nov 09, 2010
I lost alot of weight by going low glycemic.  Stay away from simple carbs, sugar, pop, potatoes, bread, pasta, candy.....the lists goes on and on.  And walk, walk, walk  Eat more natural....no margarine, artificial sweetners, no msg, hfcs
by loveamiracle, Nov 10, 2010
Thank You for your stories!
by boogiefly, Nov 11, 2010
Hi Im sorry i dont have a success story buti gained weight and became obese all of a sudden as well and i dont know why. I had symptoms since I started my period too. And now that I think of it, I remember the year before I started, i gained lots of weight mysteriously because I was active all summer and hardly ate. Interesting.....
by angelmike06, Nov 12, 2010
No carb diet helps!!!!
I think you can eat anything you want,
as long as you're only taking a small portion of it.
Much better if you can start changing your lifestyle.
Think of the things that you think can make you fatter.
If you're more of the sweets thingy, then try eating fruits instead of candies and unhealthy foods.
i have PCOS as well., and I have symptoms same as yours..
I know we can make it.
good luck!
by xo_punky_xo, Nov 14, 2010
I was diagnosed with PCOS 5 years ago, but I think I have had it for much longer, I have always had the symptoms, but doctors don't pay much attention to diagnosing PCOS. I have also had the same issue, I gain weight very quickly but have a difficult time getting any of it off. I am definitely at my heaviest right now and hate the way I look and feel, but no matter how hard I try the weight wont come off.
by loveamiracle, Dec 09, 2010
I know how you feel!! I too am at my heaviest and I also HATE the way I look and feel. I have been trying to concieve so I know this doesn't help! I am glad we can relate and encourage each other. Good Luck!!
by curepcos, Dec 13, 2010
all i can say is try to lose a little weight say a baby makes you gain 15 to 20 lbs lose that for now so you can get pregnant and you will gain that weight by having the baby in you then that way you really dont get ny bigger then after you have the baby try to lose the weight aint no point on losing weight then get prenant and get it all the weight just lose enough that the baby might need go to the doctor tell him you want clomid and a pill that make you start your period then you take clomid but first buy a fertiliy monitor with the sticks not the cheap on it a clear blue nomarlly cost 240 dollars go on ebay and buy one cheap i sold one for 50 dollars but anyways after taking the clomid check your self with the monitor as soon as you see that egg on the screen that is baby get to busy you can shed the pounds fast but u have to stick to it my quick diet cheerios breakfast fruits snack diet tv dinners lunch and dinner no sweets erercise with nintendo wii or what ever hope that help far as for the baby thats how i got pregnant  
by kaprovea, Dec 17, 2010
If I were you I would go to see a different OB.. I was put on Metformin and that really helped me to loose weight but I am on 1000mg 2x per day .. I lost about 20 pounds recently and I did it by going to a crossfit class.  It was awesome.  I suggest doing cardio and weights together ... that helps to loose the weight.