PCOS Thin and pregnancy
by Powers555, Jun 10, 2008
I recently found out that I have PCOS, but not the typical symptoms with regard to weight. I am very thin-115lbs. I have been told that it is more difficult for people with my type of PCOS to conceive. Is this true?
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by bioclock1, Jun 11, 2008
i've been reading up on PCOS as i'm newly diagnosed and while i may be wrong, i haven't come across anything like this. In fact, the opposite should be true since most of the doctors (from what i've read) will actualy tell their patients with PCOS to lose at least 5% of their body weight to HELP with fertility!
While you're not the apparent PCOS norm....i think this may benefit your fertility! Again...i may be way off but this is what i know from MY research on the subjet.

Also...try www.soulcysters.com
They have a lot of helpful informaton about pcos!
by EmptyArms08, Jun 13, 2008
I agree  I have PCOS and mainly caused by weight I am obese... so for a thin person to get it.. thats unreal.. I would get a 2ed look..from another doctor...
by Powers555, Jun 17, 2008
Thanks! I hope you are right. Several friends in the medical field along with my doctors believe that PCOS thin is a "hard nut to crack". Believe me, I do have PCOS because they have done ultrasounds to prove it and I ruptured a cyst back in April 2008....I thought I was going to die. It was the worst pain I had ever felt in my life!!  I hope you are right and it will be easier than I expect to get pregnant. Good luck to you if you are trying as well!!! :-)
by bcg87, Sep 16, 2009
I also have that subtype of PCOS, I am also very thin with none of the characteristic outward traits (its really frustrating and hard to find information on the differences).  I just started taking estrogen to help with my hormone balance, about a month ago.  (i've never used birth control before) but I just recently had to take Plan B after an incident.  I am kind of worried about how my body might react overall, to the crazy hormone changes I'm subjecting it to.
by JennaRie, Sep 17, 2009
I also was diagnosed with PCOS 3 yrs ago and am very thin (barely over 100 lbs), though the diagnosis was based on my periods getting farther and farther apart, and on blood tests that showed that my estrogen and testosterone levels were both way too high. However, I was regular until I started my first full time job then got engaged and started planning my wedding (major stress overload!!), so I am hoping my problems were a result of stress. I had been on birth control since then up until I stopped 2 months ago. I have not ovulated yet but I'm hoping it's just the normal delay from going off the pill. I am going to start Vitex (chasteberry) and see if that helps me start ovulating again. I really want to start TTC soon!
by Aimz86, Sep 21, 2009
I am thin, with diagnosed PCOS, I dont fit any of the normal symptoms only polycystic ovaries, absent or rare periods... everything seems normal, just dont ovulate or have periods... but I am 51kgs, and I dont put on weight easily at all... (sorry dont know pounds to kilos) i think its about the same 115pounds around 50kgs... so I am in your boat - feel free to msg me - maybe we can help each other... I was only recently diagn about 2 months ago... but I have done a tone of reading...
by wanabb, Sep 21, 2009
Hi, I'm 25 ans also thin with pcos, my only symptoms are absent periods and cysts.  I have been ttc for over 2 and half years now, from everything i have read and been told by doctors thin pcos is the hardest to treat.  We don't fit the normal pcos so normal treatments tend not to work.  Everyone is different so maybe simple treatments will work for you.  I have done 5 rounds of clomid and i did not ovulate with any cycle, next week i start follistim injections.  My testosterone and insulin were both normal (high end of normal), were you hormone levels abnormal?  If they were you would be closer to typical pcos and easier to treat.  My bff has thin (105lbs) pcos also, her insulin and testosterone were both very high  she took clomid and metformin and got pregnant on the second round! I'm attending her shower this weekend actually.  So I am sorry if i have given you bad news but like i said everyone is different, just bc i am having a rough time doesn't mean you will. good luck!!
msg me if you need anything :)                            
by wanabb, Sep 21, 2009
I just noticed your post was from last year, are you preggers yet?? did you do any treatment?
by Audreysbaby, Sep 24, 2009
I also have thin PCOS.  I am 5'6 and 115 pounds.  I have high testosterone, have infrequent periods, and have cysts on my ovaries diagnosed by ultrasound.  My dr. says I definitely have PCOS.  I got pregnant last year after 3rd round of Clomid.  Unfortunately our son was stillborn in April.  We are trying again with no luck.  I will be trying 100mg Clomid and Metformin next month.  We're really hoping to get pregnant soon and get to be able to take a baby home with us!