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PCOS and Cramps
Hi All,

My husband and I have been trying for a baby for nearly 2 years now and have not been successful. Which is devastating considering everyone in my family as well as friends seem to get pregnant just by looking at their husbands. No one seems to understand the pain that I’m feeling. However, I am extremely happy that they have their amazing children.

However in Jan 2012 I was diagnosed with PCOS. I have since been on Diaformin and this month is my first month of taking half a tablet of 50mg Clomid. It appears to be working as my Gynaecologist did an ultrasound and could see 2 eggs.

However I've noticed since I've ovulated I been getting mild to sometimes more severe type cramps when I go to the bathroom and also for a few minutes after I've done my business, even when I'm getting in the mood with my husband (to make love) I will also experience these  cramps and then eventually it will go away.

I know I've had this before. If anyone could please let me know if they have ever had these symptoms and if it is normal? I just automatically think as soon as I get these pains I’m not pregnant and feel quite upset

Thanks for listening and your time
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