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PCOS vs Mental Illness
I need HELP please! I find it difficult to express myself so please be kind. I have various issues and if I could, I would draw them for you but alas this is not possible as of yet. POINT FORM (easiest)

-have PCOS (I discovered through own research, after failed attempts at ammending "depression"/"anxiety")
-I thought this would solve my "tortured way of thinking and processing thoughts"
-I struggle with addiction! Like a dirty over coat
- I have ADD
-told I'm possibly:Bipolar or...
...Bipolar borderline psychotic or...
manic depressive or....
have general anxiety disorder...and so on. (it would be difficult to believe I dont have hyperchondria)
-I know these things to be true: I struggle to recall information, I am depressed and listless most of the time, I feel like I'm PMS'ing all the time, I cant help cravings and most of all I feel the most "together" and myself when I'm having my period (not often: a few times a year.

In my gut I feel there is a connection to PCOS and mental health, I just dont know where to find a solution.

Please anyone who has a step further for me, let me know.

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