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This patient support community is for discussions relating to PCOS including anxiety, baldness or thinning hair, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression, type 2 diabetes, genetics, heart problems, increased hair growth (hirsuitism), infertility, menstruation (periods), obesity, ovarian cysts, pelvic pain, pregnancy, skin problems, sleep disorders, and weight gain.

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Hi everyone!

I am a young woman (22) and I have PCOS. Besides of other symptoms,  I have constant problems with my face, such as acne and I also have problems with facial hair. I have visible hair growing super fast on my chin and around and under. I have to pluck these hairs out every single morning(it's an hour routine), which is killing me already and it is certainly not the best way to handle this situation, cause it leaves marks on my skin sometime, marks that probably will never heal.

Would laser treatment help me/with the hair growth? Because this is what doctors recommended for me. I also have problems on my legs, but those are due to ingrowing hair -which also has to do with this disease!?
I haven't worn a skirt or short pants since I was 12 or so, not to mention a bathing suit . I cannot go for holidays or travel without being stressed out of the thought of how am I gonna "manage my face"!?
I feel like I'm missing out on enjoying myself and my youth.
It is very difficult for me to feel good about myself, and to actually be myself  in this state. I am ashamed of myself all the time and I have encountered a lot of psychical distress because of this hormonal disorder. I have terrible mood swings around my period time, where I am not myself at all, it's basically as if I'd be watching myself from  the outside and crying out for STOP! Please just stop! I tend to be really impulsive these days, very very depressed, very irritated just about anything. I am doing damage to myself and to ones I love. I try to shut myself down, take some pills that will de-connect me from that reality in which I find myself, and just try not to talk to anyone.... this is not a pleasant thing to do, but I have no other clue how to handle situations such above mentioned. It is hell. Most of the times I never get out of the house and I avoid being surrounded by people. I have these constant panic and crying attacks and sometimes I just wish I'd die cause I cannot bear it any more or see the end of this whole thing.

I have had regular periods for about a 9 months, but now it is delaying again, for about 3 weeks now, for the second time.
It has been over a year that I was diagnosed and since then I have been treated as a diabetic (Type 2), taking 2X1000 mg Metformin (Metformini hydrochloridum) /day. This is the only treatment i am getting, because the doctors said that an insulin problem is at the base of this entire disease. I did take last summer Diane 35 for 3 months, but that didn't really help, and I am not that keen about taking hormone pills as I am already messed up as it is!

I am sure that somebody from here has or has had similar issues maybe,
and I would really appreciate your opinion, your experience and maybe advice on this PCOS topic!
It would help me a great deal! Thanks,

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The excess hair on the face can be reduced by the laser hair removal...however, I do not think any insurance will cover the cost of it seeing they have it listed under "cosmetic". I've heard of hair removal creams I think it's called Vanic (sp?). That can be given by a dermotolgist. Metformin should help, it's one of the most common given medications for those who have PCOS. I take that along with Yasmin bc. Yasmin is one of the best bc's for PCOS, because not only does it help with a normal period each month (mine comes the 6th day of the inactive pill and only lasts for 3 days), but it also improves facial acne. When I was taking the pill 2 years straight, I had no pimples at all...as soon as I stopped they came full force again. I've started the pill again in Jan 2010 and I'm hoping the acne goes away again.

I too have the excess hair on my face, it's mostly covered by peach fuzz blond, but I do have on my chin the black hairs. I normally shave those off every other day using a really good shaving gel to avoid cuts and marks on my face. As soon as I'm done, I apply lotion right away to smooth everything. Yes it's annoying, but thats life with PCOS. The hair is always an issue. As far as the rest of my body, it's pretty normal...I do notice my eyebrow hair does not grow often, I only pluck my eybrows like once a month.
Oh dear, I hope things get better for you.. It's hard, I can relate because I have PCOS as well, and suffer the same issues.  Best I have guess, since I don't have the money for laser treatment, etc, is to continue fighting the battle every day.  I also have a daily routine!  Birth control can help with acne and the unwanted hair growth as well as regulating your periods.  Keep hanging in there, and of course give your loved ones a break, they love you I'm sure.  It's the people around us, that love us, that seem to always get the sharp end of the stick.  Keep me posted.
Best of luck to you, and God Bless,
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