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Pelvic Pain
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Pelvic Pain

I would really appreciate your opinion on this matter.
3 months ago, I started getting pinching twitching pain straight up the vagina ...I guess in the uterus area.
Then a month later, I started having lower back pain (left pelvic side) and then the pain
went to the front left side(left ovary area).  The pain started out as a dull pain in the ovary area but then I also started to get very sharp pains....sometimes pinching & twitching pains.
It is mostly around the left ovary area and in the utereus.  However, a few times, I felt the pain on the right ovary area.

I had the following tests done...all negative except for one:

Negative tests were:
Urine test for Chlamydia & gonorrhea & pregnancy.
Hiv blood test
Swabs for vaginitis, yeast, trichonomis, Chlamydia & Gonorrhea.
Urine test for urinary track infection, Urinalysis.
Pelvic Ultrasound & Trans-vaginal ultrasound
Stool test for ovum & parasites...because stool is kinda thin..but not pencil thin.

Positive test: Ureaplasma.  I was treated for 5 days (zitromax).

The pain around the ovary area is sometimes dull and sometimes sharp. The pain straight up..which seems as the uterus is usually sharp and pinching/twitching. The odd time i still get the lower back pelvic pain. My Doctor cannot diagnose the condition.  Sometimes the pain is so sharp, it makes me dizzy.  
Please Help!  Thank You
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Is this pain an everyday thing? Or does it come at certain times a days in the months?
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