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pregnancy loss x 5 no heart beat at 8weeks
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pregnancy loss x 5 no heart beat at 8weeks

Hi i have lost 5 babies due to no heart beat at 7weeks 2 days and 8weeks and 8weeks 2days

my first pregnancy i lost at 8weeks i never knew untill my 12 week scan as i dont bleed or have any pains
but get a headache as if its a sign telling me somthing is wrong they took some blood and all come back normal

I had a dnc with my first then when i was pregnant with my 2nd there was no heart beat at 7week 2days
i had another dnc and took blood and all come back normal

I was then pregnant with my 3rd there was no heart beat at 8weeks i then had another dnc they did blood tests and all come back normal

My 4th pregnancy again no heart beat at 8weeks 2 days i had blood taken all came back normal except 1 i had sticky blood which went normal when not pregnant i was to be given fragmin when next pregnant
i had another dnc with this baby

My 5th pregnant feb 2008 i took 5000 fragmin injections in stomich everyday and 75mg asprin i had a scan at 6 weeks baby was fine strong heart beat i went back for another scan at 8weeks this i was scared to have and there i seen baby with strong heart beat nurse said she was not even going to measure babys heart as it was perfect she said to me and my partner i asked her again was baby heart beat looking ok she said perfect really strong she even showed us babys spine it was amazing i thought i was past the horrible stage i never got past and my gyno even said i had graduated was the word she used and that i did not have to go to miscarriage clinic no more
baby was 15mm.7

I then went home with the happy news the family was over the moon i went back for my 10 week scan and they
said no heart beat i couldnt belive it i am devasted i asked when baby died and they said baby was 17mm .9 so looks like it was the next day after my 8week 1 day scan how can this be ???
After seeing a very strong heart beat and doc saying baby was great what could of went wrong

I cant see it being the sticky blood as i had the fragmin injections to prevent that or do i need somthing stronger
i have heard of what is called a foreighn body where your body attacks the baby thinking it is trying to harm you
if this is the case can somthing be given for this ???

Also what more can i take for this sticky blood incase its a circulation problem as i remember that day of my 8week scan and i told the doc i seen that day about this as i had circualtion problem in my right leg around my knee
on the day of my 8week scan why at hospital and if the fragmin is not doing the job what elsa can i take

Also what about steriods would this do me any harm if doc gave me thesa with my fragmin
And what other tests can i ask my gyno to do please help as i am so stressed and after being told by your gyno that there is nothing stopping you from having children and that i am fine this is cracking me up
as there has got to be somthing wrong its as soon as the baby reaches 8weeks it dies its like as soon as it switches over to live from me somthing happens i am confused and trying to diagnose my own health problem as i dont feel my gyno is helping me at all infact he said somthing really stupid at my last baby loss he said it was all in my mind and that was why it happend

I cant belive he said that i just dont understand he is suppose to help find the problem to why this happing and he is overlooking the matter

Is there a  gyno doctor on here that can help me or give us any tests i can ask my doctor to test me for

Kind regards Karen

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Avatar n tn
oh my i feel really sorry for you and ur partner i hope you find out what's causing  this so you can hopefully  hold a strong healthy baby in your arms my thoughts are with you
colleen17 x
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