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Hi, My name is Survivable. Two years ago I started concentrating on Daily Positive Thoughts, and it has helped improve my emotional, physical, and spiritual, life. If you agree, join this group, read my daily thoughts, add your positive thoughts, and/or comment. Thanks for visiting.

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Much of behavior is determined by the words we use. We think in words, lay out our lives by words, and tend to be governed by the words with which we talk to ourselves. A hypnotist can control a person’s physical reactions just by words. We are really doing the same to ourselves; we have spent our lives hypnotizing ourselves. Every word we repeat and believe tends to shape what we become.
            Let’s look at some words which might be having an effect on our lives. These are called AFFIRMATIONS.  There are negative affirmations and positive affirmations.  Affirmations are words/thoughts/phrases we feed into our minds that shape our attitudes.  Once these are planted in our minds, they become fact.  The mind is like a garden.  It will grow any kind of seeds we plant in it.  Negative affirmations usually start with “I can’t”  “I don’t”  “I’ll never” and so forth.  When practicing affirmations, the following steps should be followed:
  Say each affirmation five times in the morning before you even get out of bed.Say each affirmation five times after you go to bed, so it is the last thing you think of before sleep.Say each affirmation five times throughout the day when you feel your motivation flagging.When saying affirmations relax, close your eyes, become as relaxed as possible.Remove all negative thoughts from your mind.When making up your own affirmations, always phrase them in the positive (no negative words such as nothing, no, not, etc.)Always begin your affirmations with your own name (I, ______).Over the next few days, repeat the words I can, I am, I will dozens of times so they become an automatic response to any situation, objective, or experience in your life. Affirmations are expressions that have the power to transform your life by influencing the way you think about yourself, others, and the world around you. When you change how you think, you change how you act, and the results can be immensely rewarding.

By Nathan Thomas Taylor
I so like this because it draws me to think of what are my descriptors that I normally slip into about life day in/out.  If I say, "Life is a battle"...I see things in those terms.  If I say it is a nighmare....same thing.

Choosing to see it as an adventure...not knuckling my way through moments with nails turning blue....lol!

Thank you for this, Survivable...timing is great!!!  This would be great over in the spirituality group too or in one of the other groups...equally at home :-)))
I really like this. I think I am going to try using affirmations everyday. It reminds me of something I read where we have to thought types. Positive and negative. Fear and depression and anxiety are all negative and make that 'muscle' stronger. The only way to counter act that it to strengthen the positive 'muscle' so its more natural to think positively.
I love Affirmations. Here is a neat website that I use all the time.


Here are a few of my recent favorite Affirmations:

*I am committed to my goals and my success is assured

*My inner vision is always clear and focused

*I focus my power. I change my life
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