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I have suffered ppd with two children and now I'm on my third chil...
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I have suffered ppd with two children and now I'm on my third child and have to be on zoloft whle pregnant

PPD is a very hard thing to go thru, let alone caring for a brand new baby.  Reading all the posts brings back memories.  My husband and I wanted to have a third child but I was so terrified I would suffer from PPD once again, but my ob reassured me that I could begin treatment as soon as I delivered.  So i proceeded to wean off of 60mg cymbalta and try for our third.  We were successful in getting pregnant, but just a month or two into it, I had a depressive episode.  I had to be put on zoloft, and I'm on 150mg, I hated to have to take anything, but I was in bad shape, plus the docs said that to let the depression go would be worse off for the baby.  So now I am 27 weeks and I go to a high risk doc and everything is great with the baby.  Now that I'm on meds during pregnancy hopefully I don't have ppd, which I would of went right on meds right after delivery anyways, but the medicine takes a month to kick in so I would of been higher risk of ppd off of meds.  I had never gone through deppression until I started having children, my psychiatrist says is due to the hormones.  Sometimes I look at other mothers with their new babies and wonder if they have had to go through what I have had to go through, it was so hard, I feel robbed because I never really got to enjoy my babies when they were very little, but with the help of God and meds hopefully this post partum will be different.
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I, too, have had a PPD after having our so much wanted little girl. She is now three and I am still taking meds. I feel good but still have to make sure I do not "over do it".
I hear you, it had been my dream since I was 20 to have a baby (I had her at 35) and I was overjoyed after she came and then this "beast" appeared. I would love to have one more (even at 39!) but feel badly taking meds as I don't hink I should decrease or stop them now/ yet. Just like you, I see other new mothers running with their strollers, happy and full of energy and it (used to) make me cry. I have read a number of books and they all say it is better for the baby if you take meds as opposed to not taking them. I wish you all the best. You are so lucky to have (almos) three.  Hugs to you
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