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Pray for our baby please...I'm 22 weeks and have PPROMed
At a checkup last week we found out that our baby had no amniotic fluid around him. Since the 6-7th week of my pregnancy I have had persistent spotting, heavy bleeding and large blood clots. Was diagnosed with SCH around 10-11 weeks. They monitored it all very closely, and everything was fine with the baby, I just had persistent bleeding,and a huge clot that they said should go away on its own.  I did pass the clot eventually at 17w 2d. Continued to bleed but baby was fine, so doc wasn't concerned.  I had a sono done at 19w 5d and everything was normal with the baby and fluid, but last Tuesday at 21w 3d it was all gone.  The reason we had a quick in office sono done at 19+5 was because I told my doc that I felt more fluid coming out that what blood was showing in the pad.  But whe said all was fine, and cervix was closed.  Went in again at 21+3 because I started feeling faint and dizzy, and wanted to get a blood panel done.  Nurse practitioner did a quick pelvic exam and saw how intense the bleeding was and sent me to in office sono again, which was when they discovered no fluid.  Went to 2 perinatologists in the next 2 days and still no fluid, but one said cervix was at 1cm and the other said it looked closed. One said it could be a tear in the membranes which could have been weakened by the SCH and bleeding, or its an issue with the placenta.  Can't test for presence of fluid leaking because I'm still bleeding so heavily. Would this be considered PPROM even if it was a gradual loss of fluid and not a gush?  Baby has both kidneys, and fluid visible in bladder, strong heartbeat, and is right on track growth wise for his gestation.  He's breech and kinda jack-knifed right now, so his head isn't putting any pressure on my cervix which is good.  He moves and I check his heartbeat at home twice a day with a doppler thing we got.  I'm also drinking tons of water and doing 2 bags of IV fluid a day (even though they say it won't help, it can't hurt, right?!)   Very strict bed rest, which is so hard with 3 other little ones!  Preventative antibiotics and twice a day temp checks.  We go in next week ( I'll be 22+6 ) to have another fluid level check done (we're believing it's going to have replenished!!)  At 24 weeks, we'll be admitted to hospital, and at 34 labor induced. This has all come as such a shock to us, because we have 3 other children that we had perfect, easy pregnancy and deliveries with.  I've done a lot of reading in the last few days on this and there seems (to me at least) to be a correlation between persistent 1st and 2nd trimester bleeding and loss of amniotic fluid.  Not that one automatically means the other will or has happened, but about 45% of the cases I read, bleeding was present.  I'm confused why my doc didn't suggest stitching my cervix, but I know she did all that she thought was appropriate, and am trying not to lay blame on anyone, because there is no one to blame.  Trying to stay positive and upbeat.  I listen to praise and worship music all day long, and we are speaking scripture over our little boy and have hundreds of people praying for him.....I even wrote the scriptures we're speaking on my belly.  We've chosen the name Asher Isaiah, Asher meaning Blessed and Happy, and Isaiah meaning God is Salvation.  We're telling this complication how incredible and powerful our God is, instead of telling God how big the problem is.  I just wanted to give some strength and encouragement to others who might be going through the same or similar, that miracles do happen and sometimes faith is all we have, but it is more than enough when that faith is in God.

If you have a story or encouragement to share, please do, I'd love to hear from you. Laying in bed all day sounds wonderful until you actually have to do it! :)
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