22 days late negative preg test
by loza61, Apr 20, 2011
hiya im 17 years old i am now 23 days late for my period ive took loads ov pregnancy tests and they are all comeing up negative can any 1 help ?
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by LosingMyMindInGABlank, Apr 20, 2011
It's likely that your body is still working to even out your cycle.  A teenage girls body is still regulating hormone production and it's not unsual to have longer or shorter cycles or to completely skip one here and there.  The best way to get an accurate result from a HPT is to wait 2 weeks from the last time you were involved in sexual activity and take it with the first urine of the day.

As a Mother of a teenage daughter I have to add the following:

If you are sexually active it would be highly adviseable for you to check into birth control.  Keep in mind though that NO birth control method is 100% effective, ONLY abstinence is.  Using condoms along with another form of birth control will help to protect you against pregnancy and STD's.  At 17 you have so much to look forward to and having a baby is a lifelong 24 hour a day 7 day a week commitment.  

Ok, lectures over.  :)  Good luck and I hope everything turns out ok!
by lilrhibabie, Apr 20, 2011
go to a clinc and have them do a urine test as well as a blood test. the blood test is more reliable then a take home pregnancy test. GOOD LUCK!
by LosingMyMindInGABlank, Apr 20, 2011
A blood test may not necessarily be more reliable.  It's possible to have a positive urine test and negative blood tests.  It depends on many factors.  First, which TYPE of blood test is run. If it's a QUALITATIVE (yes/no) test, it will depend on lab values.  Most labs use a range of anything over 20-25 as pregnant anything under that as not.  Some labs may have higher or lower values.  If they have a higher value then it's highly likely a urine test would be more sensitive, many of the HPT's can detect as little as 20 miu.  If it's a QUANTITATIVE or Beta Hcg blood test it's more likely to be accurate becuase this one checks for the actual level of pregnancy hormone not just a yes or no it's present.  If you are very early in pregnancy you can easily get a false negative on a blood test.  There is a woman on this forum who had that happen.  She had a faint positive HPT that morning and a negative blood test that afternoon.  Her baby is now a few months old.  

Just FYI that a blood test isn't always the end all be all.  It's also highly possible to get a positive HPT and a negative urine test at a docs office depending on the sensitivity of each test.  
by AnnieBonannie22, Nov 19, 2013
Why are you having sex in the first place?! Seriously!! No more teen moms!!
by momof4soon, Nov 19, 2013
I know that feeling my first baby I was 17 and rhe over the counter test came back neg so I finally told my mom she took me to get the dr to test me blood and urine test and thwy both said positive that was 9 years ago
by PaytonFaith, Nov 19, 2013
Wait longer or go to doc
by dkell, Nov 19, 2013
There's nothing wrong with being a teen mom. Just because people are young doesn't mean their incapable of being a great mother.
by LilJessiCali, Nov 19, 2013
Go to a doctor
by alexhelton95, Nov 20, 2013
I think your best bet is to go to a doctoe to get a blood test, they are more accurate I believe. And it would probably ease your mind a bit. And ladies who commented saying oh you're to young you shouldn't have sex no more teen moms.. she was asking for advice not your opinion on sex at her age or for you to lecture her.