28 weeks and menstrual like cramping
by worththewait78, Aug 20, 2011
Hey ladies,

I am 28 weeks pregnant and I have been having menstrual like cramps all morning long.  I don't have any bleeding.  Just feels like it used to feel when AF was about to pay a visit.  

Is this normal?  Or what could it be?

Thanks so much!  (My doctor's office is closed on Saturdays, or else I'd call them.)
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by worththewait78, Aug 20, 2011
Okay, so they went away for about an hour and now they're coming back.  This is my first pregnancy and I don't know what braxton hicks contractions feel like.  Could that be it??  
by PetiteWonder, Aug 20, 2011
CraMping always needs to be checked out. This is not to scare you. I had this one am, two sets of menstrual cramps. I was concerned so i layed down and monitor it for a bit, i had nothing more and was goingto ignore it. I called a nursing line who told me ineeded to get checked despite them going away.
I went in assuming i was wastjng time, turned out i am at risk for preterm labor and my cervix is shortening. Now im bed rest in the hospital for labor now.

My ob said any type of crampingbut particularly menstrual cramps need to be evaluated. It could be nothing but if it is something, its better to know now rather than finding out in the3 weeks for example when you go into labor and they have to try to stop it.  Go to l&d
by worththewait78, Aug 23, 2011
Thanks so mcuh.  I see my doctor in the morning and will let you know what he says.  I actually have MANY things to talk with him about.
by the_other_half, Aug 23, 2011
I've had off and on cramping since around 27-28 weeks I am now 35 weeks. First time i was seen the hospital told me I was dehydrated(even tho I know I wasn't). The second time they said it was braxton hicks and baby dropped. Since then tho I've had a ton of stuff to go with the cramping and I highly doubt I will make it to full term. You should definitely get it checked out. Keep us posted.