Both Partners Fixed
by clewis32, Dec 30, 2011
I had my tubes over 6years ago and my fiance is fixed.  I had las period week on 11/14/2011 and I havent started yet.  Can it be possiable that I can still get pregnant with us both fixed?  They said his sperm level was high for a normal guy, so could he still have some and I could get pregnant?  What should I do? Should I wait longer before taking a test?
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by ClystaBlank, Dec 30, 2011
Did he ever go to his follow up to make sure his count was at 0? It doesn't matter how high it was previously - a vasectomy clips and cauterizes the vas that the sperm travel in. Sperm are still produced, they just can't get out. If he didn't go back, it's possible that it wasn't done properly and he has some left. However the odds that yours AND his would fail are astronomically low. There are dozens of reasons to miss a period outside of pregnancy, even if it's not normal for you.
by Jaz1989, Dec 31, 2011
by proudmommyandwife, Dec 31, 2011
My nieces mom got pregnant after her tubes were tired and a friend got pregnant after her guy had been fixed for a few years but never heard of pregnancy if both were but anything is possible I suppose