Breech babies
by chantal21, Apr 08, 2011
Okay, so this is the first time in this pregnancy that a tech told me the baby was breech (it was the tech who did my 3D/4D so it wasn't medical and the day before my normal tech didn't say anything about baby being breech, she has always said baby was head down) I am still only 27 weeks, so I know there is time for her to turn. My midwife likes to see babies in position by 32-33 weeks.
Question: If you had a breech baby, what things did you do to get baby to turn whether it be natural things, exercises, or the external version? What worked? Did the baby turn in time? Who had to have a c-section because baby wouldn't turn? Anyone deliver a breech baby?

Okay, so that was like a million questions, but hubby and I were talking. With my last 2 pregnancies, my babies were head down from 22-24weeks until delivery, no issues. I was told my girl is in a frank breech and that would explain why maybe I don't feel certain movements BUT what is soooo weird is when she has hiccups, I feel the movement VERY low in the pelvis and even near my bottom, which makes me assume she is head down. With my boys, it was the SAME EXACT feeling, and they were always head down. Is this true? Because when you jerk back from hiccups, you are feeling the head bounce, correct? Which would mean she has to be head down!? I'm so lost. Hubby said if she doesn't turn around by 32-33 weeks, he is kinda scared to try the external version. He was reading up on it and doesn't feel comfortable with it, but may consider trying it if it had to be done and of course we would have to go the hospital for that. (the hospital is not in our plan unless it's an emergency of course) Then he brought up c-section...and I want to do EVERYTHING to avoid a c-section. I've had 2 kids all natural at a birthing center, so I really want to do all I can now to try to avoid a c-section. BUT I do understand I still have a few more weeks for her to turn and that makes me feel better. Thanks for any help!!
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by alaysha, Apr 08, 2011
My first was breech. They gave her until 38 weeks to turn and she didn't. During that time I tried EVERYTHING to get her to turn and she didn't. Honestly I think most of those things are just old wives tales. At 38 weeks I ended up getting the external version. It didn't hurt at all except for maybe a little pressure. It lasted all of 2 minutes and then me did a nst and were sent home. I delivered vaginally 2 days later.
by JoyRenee, Apr 08, 2011
I know a lot of midwives are trying to bring back vaginal breech delivery because it is a "lost art" of birthing - however there are certain requirements for it such as baby's type of breech presentation. It can be done but must be done in a "hands off the breech" approach. I'm sure you know all of this since we follow many of the same pages on FB and they've been circulating a TON lately. ANYWAY I know that external version is one thing, like alaysha mentioned. Another tip I have heard would to put warmth down low and an ice pack up high because the coldness may make baby turn down toward the warmth.
by LosingMyMindInGABlank, Apr 08, 2011
Lily (my last one) was frank breech until 35 weeks then she turned herself.  I didn't do anything.  
by blueeyedtabbycat, Apr 08, 2011
my first 3 boys were head down my whole pregnancy. My last baby was breech the whole time. she ended up turning herself at 37 weeks just before they were gonna do a version. Then I had her 2 days later so it all worked out:)
by sebastian1976, Apr 08, 2011
Don't worry my baby was in a breech position last week and yesturday hes head down.............I'm 19weeks 5days.
by chantal21, Apr 11, 2011
Thanks everyone! I know I still have time and my hubby keeps telling me not to worry, but of course I do anyway!! Just hoping she turns in time and we have no issues before delivery. Still have another month before my midwife will discuss options with me. What's worse is, being on bedrest and already being dilated/effaced has me worried as well. She seems pretty comfy in this position. lol

When your baby finally turned head down (those whose babies turned on their own) did you notice or feel when it happened? Like, was it obvious? Because when she was head down and then apparently became breech not long after, I never noticed any strange movement. Like I had no idea she had turned to a breech position. It's weird. =/
by NicMom, Apr 11, 2011
With both my kids they didn't turn until 33+ weeks. I noticed it both times once I was laying down and you could watch my whole belly flip. Second time I was just sitting down on the couch and she flipped. When they flip later in pregnancy you feel it. It's a big movement that puts pressure on your ribs only for a few seconds, but it's a really weird noticable movement. I had tried a few tips I found online to try and get her to flip and nothing work in the end she did it on her own.

I wouldn't worry about it just yet.
by diamondintherough79, Apr 11, 2011
Hi there,
With my current pregnancy my little one didnt flip until 37 weeks. I had my last ultrasound to confirm position before having him turned manually. He had just flipped and within the 2 days before that. I didn't notice anything different, but he is also still very active ALL the time so, its possible I felt it and didnt realize.
Dont worry just yet, there is still time. Oh, this guy is a biggin too and still managed to rotate himself.
Best of Luck
by chantal21, Apr 12, 2011
Thanks!! wow, 37 weeks!? That gives me hope! haha Although I am not worrying just yet. I saw my chiropractor today and he said if by 33 weeks the baby hasn't flipped, there are some adjustments he can do to encourage baby to flip. He and his wife are chiropractors and when she was pregnant with their 3rd, the baby didn't flip until 36 weeks and they used all sorts of techniques. We will see what happens!!