Different baby bumps from Girl or Boy?
by raray, Nov 23, 2010
Hello Everyone
I have a question. From carrying a baby and between the two baby bumps and sizes; are baby girls bumps bigger or smaller and same for boys bumps? I am almost 20 weeks with a girl and it just seems that i am not gaining alot of weight or gaining a bump. I have a little small bump on the lower belly but thats all. Any response will help; thank you in advance and have a great day all.
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by superchoc, Nov 23, 2010
with 1st children, bumps are smaller. and for each child after that, bumps are usually bigger. with my friend, her 2nd she was the size of a house (her words, not mine lol) and she was carrying a girl. with my first i was still fitting into my normal size clothes until after birth, you wouldn't really tell i was pregnant. i was also having a girl. i dont think its medically proven but would be nice to know!
by LosingMyMindInGABlank, Nov 23, 2010
It really depends on your family genetics. In my family we tend to carry boys out front and lower whereas with girls we are more in the hips and higher.  But I know other people have said it was opposite for them.  I know that I got much bigger out front with my 3 boys and much wider in the hips with my 3 girls.
by LosingMyMindInGABlank, Nov 23, 2010
and as superchoc said it also depends on how many prior pregnancies you've had.  The more stretched out the ligaments are the more apt you are to show earlier and get bigger becuase the ligaments don't hold things in as well.
by avaortega407, Nov 23, 2010
i had a huge belly when i was pregnant with my girl now im having a boy and my belly is flat but i guess its different for every one but i will say i notice with alot of people that if you have one pregnancy one way with one sex then if the next pregnancy is opposite then so will the sex of the baby. Like my 1st pregnancy i had no morning sickness no cravings no nothing but a huge belly and movement now i have morning sickness head aches small belly cravings you name it i have it
by Kerrywainwright, Nov 23, 2010
My mum carried all front with the boys and all over with the girls and my sisters n in laws and friends have all carried the same... My friend had a girl two days ago knew was a girl by looking at her.. Gained lot of weight around hips legs n bum wheras boys is normally mainly on the tummy... Everyone varies but she didn't get big till the last 8 weeks. Lots of people don't gain the weight till later on.. Good luck
by alaysha, Nov 23, 2010
Both my girls were just tummy. I'd have people argue with me that I was having a boy because of the way I was carrying. It all just depends on your genes. Also first pregnancies you usually start showing later. My first pregnancy I didn't start showing until 6+ months and this last one I was showing by 4.
by jenkaye21, Nov 23, 2010
Mine were classic--- my girl (my first) was weight all over, face, arms, huge belly, etc.
My boys were all belly, looked like a stuck a basketball under my shirt LOL.  But i guess everyone is different.