Do they usually do an ultrasound at first OB appt.?
by MissLisa82, Jul 21, 2010
Did all of your doctors do an ultrasound at your first OB appointment?  This is my first pregnancy and I am not sure what to expect.  My OB is making me wait until 8 weeks from last menstrual period so I am hoping they will do an u/s at that time.  My husband wants to go if they are doing an u/s but will have to take time off work to go, so don't want to waste his time if no u/s is done.
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by nickieb85, Jul 21, 2010
It all depends on the doctors. You can always call the OB office and ask if they plan to do one =) Congrats on the pregnancy!
by ClystaBlank, Jul 21, 2010
My doctor didn't. I've heard other ladies say their's didn't as well. Usually they have to make an appointment for some time in the future, but it's hard to say. As nickie said, you can call and ask if they plan to do one so you do know.
by jamnavywife, Jul 21, 2010
At my first appointment (i was only about 5wks) they only did paperwork and blood tests. Then the doc scheduled an appointment for two weeks later to do the u/s.
But I know that some will do one at the first appointment if you are further along.
So like they said, just call and ask first.

by JoyRenee, Jul 21, 2010
No, they don't always do a sonogram. Most of them wait until about 20 weeks pregnant for a sonogram.
by PonyGirlPony, Jul 21, 2010
I've never ever heard of waiting until 20 weeks for an U/S, wow!  Most of my family and friends got a quick and easy U/S to check things out (ectopic, blighted O, to check age, etc) during their first appt. from 5 weeks to 12 weeks.

Definitely call and ask, that's really good advice!

by rccresswell, Jul 21, 2010

I am 8 weeks pregnant and I saw my doctor when I was about 5 and a half weeks pregnant.  She made me go back for another visit 2 weeks later and I was booked in for a scan when I was 7 weeks 1 day.  When I went back for the results she gave me another scan to use when I am approx 12 weeks.  I miscarried at 14 weeks so that is why she just gave me a scan to use when I wanted to.  I didn't have to do bloods this pregnancy because I had my blood drawn earlier this year before I miscarried.  With my other pregnancies I always had a dating scan around 7 weeks and it was my choice as to whether I wanted to do the 12 week scan to detect abnormalities.  I chose not to do the 12 week scan with any of my pregnancies including this one and that is why sh gave me a scan for around 12 weeks to ease my mind.

Hope that helps.
by Aliciaw, Jul 21, 2010
You will more than likely get one done. i have to wait until 8 weeks as well with my doctor she said because that's usually the best time to see something so early. so more than likely you will get one.
by JoyRenee, Jul 21, 2010
The reason a doctor will wait to do a sonogram is because if you go too early and don't see a little baby waving at you it causes undue stress. Doctors typically only do them if there are complications or if they are unsure of your dates. Otherwise they won't do them because 1). it is a waste of money and 2). possibly stressful for the expectant parents if too early.

If you REALLY want one it is your money so just ask your doctor. Check with your insurance beforehand because they'll also be able to tell you how many ultrasounds they cover. For example my insurance only covers the mid-pregnancy sonogram and after that only emergent sonograms that are medically necessary.
by tsie, Jul 22, 2010
my friend got one at her first appointment,the doc said it was because they really wanted to confirm the pregnancy as urine tests are unreliable.she was about 7wks.I expect i'll also get one t my 1st app.i haven't been to the doc yet.i'm 5 wks 2day.