Full bladder for Ultrasound......
by chantal21, Mar 24, 2009
I go for my first u/s tomorrow which I am so excited about!! I will be just about 12 weeks. Well, I called the office, but they just closed and my appt. is first thing tomorrow morning. I know I have to have a full bladder and I am not sure how much I am suppose to drink and how long before my appt. I should drink it. Anyone have any ideas? I had to do this with my son, and I can't remember. Thanks for any help!! =)
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by roke, Mar 24, 2009
Drink about 2 cups of water about an hour before you have your appointment.  
by Sasha80, Mar 24, 2009
They usually say start drinking water 2 hours prior to the appointment.  Total consumption before appointment should be 4 glasses.   I had 2 glasses within 45 min (while driving to appointment) and I was hurting.  Had to pee really bad by the time I got to my appointment.
by pookie1121, Mar 24, 2009
That is so funny.  When I arrive at doctors office, I first have to pee in the cup, give blood and then I see my doctor who does U/S.  I live in Germany and have never ever have I been told to have a full bladder for the U/S but in the US for some reason that is standard!  
by Dani711, Mar 24, 2009
I didn't have to have a full bladder for any of my u/s.  I am 22 weeks and have had four already.  I think my bladder is always full anyway anymore!  Good luck on your appt though!
by JoyRenee, Mar 24, 2009
An hour before your appointment you should drink 32 ounces of water within 15 minutes. I drank about half of that because I just couldn't get anymore water down in the time alloted and my bladder was REALLY full. So get down as much as you can!
by spade22, Mar 24, 2009
I cant remember how much I was told to drink but I can tell you that I couldnt keep it in and had to pee 10 min before the US! My US was delayed by 1.5 h too and I couldnt imagine holding on for that long!  Didnt seem to make a difference but I was told that it helps w/ resolution with the early-on US's.
by chantal21, Mar 24, 2009
Thank you ladies!! I guess I will start about an hour before my appt. I remember with my son, my bladder was about to burst as I was laying there having the u/s! I hope it's not too bad this time! lol. I have been having a problem drinking just water and that much would be torture..but I will do my best! Thanks again and I will update you all tomorrow afternoon! =)
by Jay730, Mar 24, 2009
I went to get my ultralsound done yesterday and on the piece of paper that they gave me when i made the appointment i was told to drink four glasses of water an hour before the appointment. Hope this helps you and good luck!
by chantal21, Mar 24, 2009
Thanks Jay! Now that I think of it..I am pretty sure that is what I did when I was pregnant with my son. I will drink an hour before and hope I don't burst. haha