How do you convince your doc to induce you?
by Leanna26, Jul 01, 2008
Uggg How do I convince my doc to induce me?
I have been 3 cm 90% effaced and -1 station for over a week now with cramps and backaches every day. Im not sleeping well at all. I have a headache I cannot seem to get rid of. Morning sickness and diarrhea for the last 4 days, and my hips and thighs are constantly hurting. I have pretty servere swelling every day in my ankles. I gained 8 lbs of water weight in one week and my hands constantly go numb. I am so miserable, and 37 weeks 5 days. Is ee my doc tomorrow.

How do I get them to induce me to get her out already? She has been checked and is in great condition and 7lbs, head down and ready to go. I have tried everything to get her out, but nothing is working.
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by mamaofonetrying42, Jul 01, 2008
You poor thing....My sister and sister inlaw were both induce with No med. reason. My sister inlaws dr. agreed to induce at 39weeks because my sister inlaw wanted her dr.and only her dr. to delivery her baby. My sister was induce at 38weeks just because she was done of being pregnancy, she just compl. about how ready she was.  But every dr. is differnet some wont induce unless you have to be. I would just express to your dr. on how you are feeling! And if he says no, ask and see if he will strip your membranes.....
by Linzola1Blank, Jul 01, 2008
Let me tell you one thing being induced is not all it is crackd up to be. I was ina Pitocin induced labor for 36 hours before I delivered my little man... It was very painful and they would not give me my epidural. I did not get my epidural until I was 6 hours from having him. Thats 30 hours of pain and no epidural... Most doctors wont induce until you are 39 weeks because of saftey... Also a lot of insurance companies wont pay for an induction earlier than the 39 th week unless medically necessary. I wish you the best of luck and keep us posted.
by LosingMyMindInGABlank, Jul 01, 2008
I don't think you can "convince" your doc to induce you.  Talk to him/her about having your membranes stripped....becuase you've already made some progress they should be able to do this AT your appt tomorrow and for MOST (not all) women it gets things going...some women it works in as little as 24 hours...for me...I wasn't dialated and barely effacing ...they stripped mine on Thursday afternoon and my son was born monday afternoon.  Try that before requesting drug intervention, it's a more natural way to kick start things.  If they do it...start walking.. a LOT...I know you are uncomfortable and everything hurts but gravity will aid in getting things walk until you can't anymore...even if it's slow walking.  
by JoyRenee, Jul 01, 2008
Linzola, that happened with my SIL as well. They refused to give her an epidural.

I would say it's safe to be induced at 39 weeks (so just one more week). Ask your doc if he'd be willing to strip your membranes by the 39th week to see if you go into labor on your own. Some women will go into labor within 24-48 hours and others will still need further induction.

All you can do is ask!
by prayerful wife, Jul 01, 2008
I hate to say it...but if you have a dr like I had you can complain and complain and he/she wont do anything to induce.  My OB gave me some pain meds (very reluctantly) and some Ambien and told me to go to sleep and wait for labor to began.  I dont know if you remember my struggles but I was down right miserable once 34wks hit and every wk that I had an apptmnt I would beg to be induced but my dr stuck to his guns and at 38wks 6days I went into labor.  To this day he still can kiss my a** for making me suffer like that! LOL  Good luck, if all else fails ask him for something to help you sleep.  
by NannyBird, Sep 20, 2010
I am in need of some help...I see my OB September 21st and I need to convince him to induce my labor. He told me that I would not go past 36 weeks and he would induce me then, well I am 37 weeks am an insulin dependant diabetic, and have two other children that were both born through an induction. Please give me some tips.
by mom2ariana, Sep 20, 2010
i was induced and it was an amazing experience. my labor was easy and boring ( i got my epidural at 3 cm ) and pushing lasted an hour. my water was broken and pitocin was started at 6 am and i had her at 5 pm.

i showed up at the hospital with concerns all the time. and my doctor finally decided to keep me at 38 weeks because she felt bad i had been in the hospital so much and wanted to be induced so bad. i showed up for thinking my water was broken, and for contractions, and for bleeding, and thinking i was dilated cause i checked myself and then finally i came because i had contractions 5 minutes apart and i wasn't in active labor yet but she decided to keep me overnight and induce me in the morning.

membrane sweeps are amazing: get one of those if you haven't already!! it put me into my early labor and convinced my doctor to induce me because she got my hopes up hhaa!!
by mom2ariana, Sep 20, 2010
oh wow i didn't even realize this was old: thats what i get for not reading the responses before mine. ha.
by DevanRenee, Jul 24, 2012
I am 37 weeks exactly, and i have been miserable since 24 weeks. I used to dance and my hips and knees are extremely screwed up from it. This is my first baby so every time i go into the hospital for pain they just chuck it up to stretching in my uterus, or that the baby is dropping. Granted I have never been in labor so I am a little bit more complainy just because its my first. However, it hurts to walk or do anything my hours were reduced but I am still miserable. I havent had a full nights sleep in about two months! I am constantly crying to get myself to finally fall asleep and walking is pure misery. Not to mention I am completely alone here! I am in the military and my boyfriend is out to sea along with all of my friends and my family is 3000 miles away. Since I am also having these difficulties my midwife says thats why I am not able to cope with things. Being is miserable, however, i facetime with my mom everyday and i talk to my boyfriend quite frequently, so I am not completely alone. She doesnt listen, then today my blood pressure was through the roof and since it cooled down within 5 HOURS, they let me go, and my midwife still refused to induce me! PLUS, the only way my mom can be here for her first grandchild and for my first child is if they induce me, because she only has a week off of work! PLEASE, someone help IDK what to do!? I am in soo much pain!!!!