by mamatokevin, May 20, 2008
Here is my situation:
I am 4.4 weeks pregnant and since I have had three miscarriages after my son (who is 19 months old), I found out that I have a single mthfr mutation (a1289C) (that apparently about 60% of the population have).
Treating this and it being the reason for miscarriages is a very controversial subject. Some doctors say to treat and while others say it does not need treatment.
I decided to put myself on baby aspirin while trying to concieve and right now- (I've been taking 81 mg of low dose Baby Aspirin everyday), (additionally I increased my B vitamins/folic acid, and I am progesterone suppositores, and fish oils/and GLA.)

My doctor doesn't believe the the gene mutation has anything to do with my miscarriages (they were all very early too). SHe also said that I didn't need to be on any kind of treatment.

However, I asked my doctor if it would be safe for me to take the Baby Asprin  and she said that it couldn't hurt anything.

However - when I have done some research on it, a lot of info out there says that it is not safe and could hurt the baby-- I really need some good answers. (I am about 5'6 1/2 143 pounds) Should I be taking this Baby Aspirin (it seems to have helped so far- I haven't kept a pregnancy this long since my son and my hcg numbers are almost quadrupling every 2 days). Is it really safe and should I be taking it everyday? Should I be taking this does every other day - or a smaller dose daily? Or is the dose that I am taking really safe? Additionally- I have read that if you are taking fish oils that has a blood thinning effect as well-- so am I doing more harm than good right now -- I want my baby to grow well and be safe in there--please help.
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by natemomma27, May 20, 2008
i wouldnt take it unless advised by a doctor, it can be unsafe. you do not want to thin your blood too much, but if you do continue to take it, stop around 32wks so you don't bleed too much during/after labor. i was order to take baby asprin with my first pregnancy b/c my blood wasnt flowing properly and they only advice was to make sure to stop ahead of time before i had him. congrats on the pregnancy and everything going well so far!!!
by ftogirl, May 20, 2008
I'm not familiar with the mutation you're referring to.  But I do know that some people have to take aspirin through their pregnancies due to genetic blood clotting disorders (they are more likely to get clots).  Usually aspirin is not recommended during pregnancy but I guess in the cases of ladies with blood clotting disorders the benefit of taking the aspirin to prevent blood clots is more important than the risk of taking it.  But if it were me, I would want a doctor to suggest it and monitor it.  Maybe you should see a specialist.
by ftogirl, May 20, 2008
Oh, I see another part of your question now- yes, fish oils also thin the blood.  
by martikadragoon, May 20, 2008
I say if it's working continue... maybe get another doc's opinion. As long as it's a low dose there shouldn't be a problem.

The reason they say no aspirin is because it can cause bleed's in the baby's brain and stuff like that... But also... they say no IBPROFEN.. (in second tri. it's ok sometimes)

and It's got something to do with the heart,
by leighanne143, May 20, 2008
i had 2 MC's within 5 months and my doctor just put me on progesterone and baby aspirin.  my doctor is a fertility doctor that helps when get pregnant so i believe in what he says.  I think that after you get pregnant and are through the first trimester, they then might want you to stop but it is safe especially for TTC and the first trimester.