Implantation bleeding but negative pregnancy test...
by daydreamer2215, Apr 14, 2009
Good Morning Everyone!
I am so confused right now.... hopefully someone else has experienced this and can help me out!
Here is my story :)
I had intercourse on april 5th and I believe to have ovulated on april 6th
Since 2 DPO I have been cramping mildly on and off and still am to this day. At 7 DPO I experienced what felt like period cramps. They were gut wrenching (as they always are for hours the first day of my period) but this time they only lasted about 10 mins and then disappeared. That is when I noticed 2 small, brown spots in my underwear. They were very light and almost watery looking. I am assuming this was implantation. I have not bled or spotted since.
At 8 DPO I still had very mild cramps through out the day but was hit with nausea ALL day. Not to the point where I got sick but just that icky feeling ALL day. My breasts have not been utterly painful but do feel swollen and more "squishy", if you know what I mean.
I am trying to be patient but I broke down and tested today, at 9 DPO... got a negative test. My period is not due until the 19th or 20th...
I thought that after implantation there would be HCG levels present?

Has this happened to anyone and ended up being pregnant after all?
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by newuser82, Apr 14, 2009
I am in the same boat as you im due my af the 17th and i have broke down and tested 3 times already hopin to see a line but get disappointed with a big fat bfn.
I am  having similar symptoms with cramping on and off and mild nausea but no sore breasts.I hope this is our month and i will be keeping an eye on your post for some answers.Sending you lots of sticky baby dust *****************Good luck xx
by daydreamer2215, Apr 14, 2009
Thanks! I'll keep you posted... you do the same! :)
by Lance06, Apr 14, 2009
It is too early to test if you arent due til the 19th or the 20th. I would wait untilyou are due to test!
by jessbbg, Apr 14, 2009
Well, first off, 2 days past ovulation is too soon to implant.  Average travel time to the uterus is about 8 days.  Also, a day after implantation is too soon to feel ill from the hormones (morning sickness) because they aren't even in your bloodstream yet.  

None of that means you aren't pregnant, by the way, so don't get me wrong.  You very likely could have ovulated earlier than that so maybe what you felt was implantation (though its the exception to notice implantation, not the rule).  And sometimes, the egg can move down and begin implantation within 3-4 days.  

As far as when it would show positive, once the egg has implanted in the uterine lining, then and only then does it begin to release hcg into your system.  Teeny tiny minute amounts.  Over the course of the next few days, it builds up to a level that can usually be detected by blood assay tests in a lab.  Urine is the waste product of your blood.  Blood filters through the kidneys and the waste comes out as urine.  So a few days after it hits your bloodstream, then it begins to show up in trace amounts in your urine.  As the levels build up in your bloodstream, so do the levels in your urine, but it is always a few days behind (and never as concentrated as it is in blood).  So generally a week or so has passed from the time of implantation before the sensitive tests can pick up hcg in your urine.  

This would put you at about 2 weeks past ovulation before you can get a statistically credible result.  That's why they say you "might" be able to get a positive a few days before your missed period.  But that's the max.  Nature has to actually do it's thing before science can detect it.  

So relax.  Take a few days.  Try again.  If you are still negative, but haven't started, then keep your hopes up and test again.  

I'm a pee-on-a-stick junkie, so I'd just test daily, lol
by daydreamer2215, Apr 14, 2009
Thanks jessbbg!
I said that I started cramping a little the first week of ovulation but I don't believe that I implanted 2 DPO. I had the bad cramps along with the spotting at 7 DPO, which from what I read seems to be within average range of implantation.
Pregnancy is a weird thing! I have read so many stories from women on the internet... some experience symptoms as early as 2-3 DPO while others don't find out they are pregnant until 2 months down the road!
I think that I am turning into a "pee-on-stick junkie" haha... I am very tempted to go buy  a weeks worth of tests from the dollar store to do every morning! God help me...
by jessbbg, Apr 14, 2009
Hey if it's the dollar store, i totally would go for it.  I searched high and low for dollar store tests (we have two types of dollar stores here, Dollar Store and Dollar Tree), i couldn't find any!!  I would've gotten a months supply lol

Sometimes i go overboard and test every time i pee, it's awful.  

Honestly, my belief on those that get symptoms 2-3dpo?  2 explanations: 1. either they are not 2 - 3 dpo as they think and just ovulated earlier, or the mind is a very powerful thing and you can cause some pretty significant physical sensations (like nausea, headache, bloating, cramping) with it.  I'm not saying they are faking or imagining at all---it's psychosomatic, caused by the mind.  Their mind really is causing it.  

Anyway.  I know it's frustrating, hang in there!!
by Limonada, Apr 14, 2009
My AF is due on the 18th/19th - and I also tested HFN today when I tried. I'm also having symptoms, although I haven't noticed any implantation bleeding (but I didn't have any with my first pregnancy either). I feel pregnant....My BB's have gotten huge since last Thursday (heavy feeling, and my bras are tighter, which indicates that I'm not imagining it) - I read somewhere that sore breasts are common as a premenstrual symptom, but that enlarged breasts are typically more on the side of I'm hopeful!! :-)
by sayley, Apr 14, 2009
  My thaughts are with you  both i'm hoping for a little one my self and having the same symptoms as  both of you. I have just posted my story if you guys want to read  it. I to have my period on the 17 of this month and trust me I've been wanting to run to the pharmacy and to buy a test but afraid of getting dissapointed i have not become a pee on a stick junkie yet :)  I will be thinking of you both and please keep me posted as I will too
by daydreamer2215, Apr 15, 2009
Well I am feeling oddly fine today... no cramping, no nausea, breasts a little sore but not horrible. I have decided not to test again and to just wait for Monday to come and go, and then I will test! Still greatly hoping that she doesn't show though!!
Good luck to everyone!