Is it normal for my baby to stop moving for a whole day at 26 weeks?
by rescalante777, Dec 04, 2007
I'm pregnant with my 2nd boy and am at 26 weeks. I've been feeling him move now for about 4 weeks but sometimes, I don't feel him move for an entire day. Is this normal for as far along as I am? Is he just taking a break, or is he just too small still for me to always feel him move. Also, should my breasts be leaking colostrum already? With my first born that didn't start until after I had him.
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by neasyc, Dec 04, 2007
he could be too small to feel all his movements or laying in a position that makes it hard for you to feel him or he may be asleep never leave it two long if you are worried about his movements get it checked out that night never put it off a wee tip if you have not felt him move drink a glass of ice water or i used to sit with my legs up close to my tummy that way i seamed to feel them move better
i dont know about the colostrum i first noticed it about 28 week with my first and i'm still feeding her now so i was feeding her throught my second pregancy and feeding both now so i dont know that to expect 2 time  
by TishTash, Dec 04, 2007
Hi, I went through that with my second also. Except I was farther along when i had the problem. I think it is possible he is still too little to constantly feel moving around. But I agree with neasyc, when you are concerned just to make sure drink some water or eat something and sit for a while and do a kick count. sometimes when we are moving around its hard to feel that they are too.
by Michele, Katy, TXBlank, Dec 04, 2007
I always worry about this too.  I've read though that your baby is actually most restful when you are the most active.  It's kind of like when you rock a baby.  It's the same concept.  You being active is like rocking a baby to sleep.  Try laying down and being really still.  Also when I eat, my babies go crazy.  I went to the Dr. worried about this when I was like 22 or 23 weeks with my 4th.  I was really worried.  My Dr. did a quick scan in his office and told me I needed to eat breakfast.  He said it was important.  She wasn't very active that morning and I hadn't eaten anything.  She later more than made up for it!!!!  My babies keep me up before they are even born!!
by Michele, Katy, TXBlank, Dec 04, 2007
Oh, of course if you are really worried about it, I would contact your Dr. just to be safe.  I did and I felt better after.
by njeosys, Dec 04, 2007
One way to make sure everything is okay is to drink 8 ounces of ice cold water and eat something with a little sugar (like fruit). Lay down for an hour, on your side, and count how many movements you feel. Your baby could just be very restful today or has moved somewhere in the uterus where you can't feel him as well (he could be facing your back and kicking at the placenta, so you don't feel anything).

Try doing that and let us know if you count ten or more movements in that hour. Chances are you'll feel him rolling all over the place, so much you won't even be able to count!
by rescalante777, Dec 05, 2007
Thanks for your help ladies, I just wanted to let you know that he started wiggling around today and I can feel him again, whew, but the reassurance you gals gave me really helped ease my mind. I try to stay away from caffiene but I drank a coke this morning and he got really active for me. It's so hard being a woman! LOL- but thanks to you all for helping me out, and I also noticed that if I lay on my side, he kicks more. Just had to figure out what would make him move and now that I know, it will help me out should I have this worry again. I wouldn't have normally freaked out but my husband and I have lost 2 babies between my 4 year old son and this unborn boy, so my fears are a little greater than usual. Thanks again and good luck to all with all the little angels in the world!
by RoxxyPolaris, Feb 05, 2010
Every morning when I wake up I can feel my baby kicking already, but this morning she hasn't moved at all. I'm really worried, she always moves. Why not now?
by RoxxyPolaris, Feb 05, 2010
I'm only 22weeks pregnant, some people say my baby shouldn't be moving until I'm 30 weeks. Yet I'm use to feeling her move around, could something be wrong? Please advise me I'm very worried. I would go see a doctor, but I have no trasportation. Please help me know. This is my first being pregnant.
by Sarah61086, Feb 05, 2010
The colostrum leaking is perfectly normal, just means your breasts are getting ready to supply your baby with food. It doesnt matter its happening earlier than your previous pregnancy as all pregnancies are different.
I don't know if its normal if a baby doesnt move everyday, but there are a few factors that can prevent the baby from moving which i experienced myself.
These are the following:
a) As he still has lots of room, he could be moving, but may be at the back, so your not feelingit
b) He may be moving lightly when you are asleep, so arnt aware of it
c) Stress affects the baby and the dont move very often if you are stressed.
d) He could be a very sleepy baby, and just spend the whole of one day sleeping.

As long as your bump is still growing and you are still feeling him, do not be alarmed.

If you dont feel him move for a few days in a row, go along to the hospital to check he is ok.

I had a very stressful pregnancy thanks to my mother in law and at 26 weeks i didnt feel my baby move for 5 days. Thankfully he was fine, but it just shows how much the baby is affected when the mother is under a lot of strain.

Good luck to you