Is it true that woman tend to go in labor on a full or new moon?
by AnitaRFrith, Mar 22, 2009
I was just wandering if any one knows any thing about this.  The next new moon is March 26th and the next full moon will be April 9th.  My grandmother is a nurse and e swears by it.  Fact or Fiction?  And... Did you go in labor on during a full/new moon?  Thanks, Anita
I went in labor on a full/ new moon. ( Please Explain.)
I think its just a wise tale.
It didn't happen to me.
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by sadafsaad, Mar 22, 2009
i believe its jus a myth...nevr heard buddy...
by Mumita, Mar 22, 2009
I asked my best friend about this, she is an ER doctor.  She says that no- full moon usually brings more accidents and more crazy people into the ER and that rainy and stormy days brings in more labors...who knows.  
I've read about this and apparently its not true.
by evthing4reason, Mar 22, 2009
I was in the hospital for over a week and it happened to be a full moon during. The nurses told me the see an increase a few days before or a few days after a full moon (usually before). When i went i got the last bed and over the next few days they turned people in and out like crazy...and the day (or it might have been 2 days after) at one point i hadn't seen my nurse for hours.....5 women were in thinking they were in labour (we only have 2 birthing rooms)
They did say er in more busy on full moon
by NicMom, Mar 22, 2009
Well my dad is a cop and I know that they have more crime and accidents on full moons. A gf of mine is an ob nurse and she said they get a lot more women who's water breaks on a full moon. My water broke on a full moon, but hey who knows.
by gokuangel, Mar 22, 2009
I heard it was true but i dunno! I was watching one of those ER shows and it was a full moon nite and it did get crazy in there so maybe so!
by JoyRenee, Mar 22, 2009
Actually it can be true for busier hospitals but not necessarily sure if it is specifically for L&D. I know that many nurses joke about having a full moon coming and making sure there's enough staff.

There's actually a scientific reason for it, it's just not just a myth or superstition. Try googling it and see what you come up with, then come share it with us. I would do it myself but I need to get off of here right now.
by munter, Mar 22, 2009
I've also heard that more women go into labour when is stormy and really wet. That's what the ladies in the delivery unit told me.
by AnitaRFrith, Mar 22, 2009
I have also heard that woman go into labor when a hurricane is close or passing through.  I know that's true!  I live in South Louisiana, close to Baton Rouge. If you are past 25 weeks your OBGYN will tell you not to stay during a hurricane.  The pressure in the air drops during hurricanes and full/new moons.  They have proven the hurricane myth.... but not the full/new moon myth.  Well.... I guess we shall see lol.  Anita
by JoyRenee, Mar 22, 2009
It was storming when I went into labor with my oldest daughter. I remember we were driving in the rain to the hospital. Granted I didn't have her until the next morning but it still took us to the hospital!