Is light brown spotting right before your period is due normal?
by curlydog415, Apr 03, 2009
Is light brown spotting before your period starts normal?
my period is due any day now. it usually comes between 25-28 days every month. anyhow, last night i went pee and when i wiped there was some very light brown spotting on the tissue. i assumed my period was starting. this morning the same thing but no period (just light brown spotting). now i just went pee again and it is the same thing. i usually don't have spotting right before my period? being that my period is due around now could this just be "normal" and mean my period is getting ready to start? is it normal to have some light brown spotting before your period starts? i am not sexually active so i am not pregnant and not on the pill... (i am 34 yrs old) btw...
**  i asked this question here because i was not getting any responses in the 'women's health forum'.

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by tarajanes, Apr 03, 2009
Hi its perfectly normal to get this before your period comes.Im 35 and this has been happening for a while now,I normally have it 2 days before my period comes.what did help for me previously was taking vitamin b6 all cycle.
by curlydog415, Apr 03, 2009
thank you for responding!  i feel a bit more at ease...
by curlydog415, Apr 04, 2009
for those of you who may read this in the future - my period started the next day so this is normal i suppose!  :)
by ollestad27, Apr 05, 2009
i had light blooding then i had light more and then get lighter what meen ?when should i take pregnant test?
by mzmedina, Jul 14, 2009
i have been spotting off and on for over a week somtimes its jus brown and today its pink does this mean im pregnant????? i also had sex last month four different times while on my period and my boyfriend did not pull out he jus did his thang and now people are telling me i can get prego on my period is this true to??????????? i need answers please help
by lb81032, Nov 28, 2009
I'm 14 and this is my second period due in 8 days but I had brown/light pink spotting is this normal....btw I'm definately havnt had sex....please respond cos I'm kinda worried thx
by yungleftyy, Apr 18, 2010
Im 15. Yes, young. I never had unprotected sex. But yes i have been having sex. Last month march was my last time having sex. I was supposed to recieve my period soon after but instead, got light brown discharge... not something i was looking forward to seeing. Now were in april, Im not supposed to be seeing my period yet. But i've been seeing the same light brown discharge for a week now.. maybe a little longer. This is strange, ive always had a regular period and now this.? Yes ive been a little stressed, yes i've lost weight but this? I really dont think im pregnant but any response from you guys would be helpful so PLEASE HELP ME!
by jenny3254k, Jun 13, 2010
hi , i was suppost to *** on my period on 2nd-5th june nd all i had was light brown stuff it went on for about 6 days no blood ,so can any1 tell me anything as im worried please ? :/