OT: Sort of...Average waiting period for Medicaid Approval?
by ketona31479, Jan 31, 2011
I'm hoping at least one you you ladies know what is the Average waiting period For Medicaid Approval here in north Carolina... I signed up for My self and my Daughter the 13th of January and we still haven't heard anything from them...I have just started my Prenatal care just last month at 20 weeks and my Doc is really want to get a U/S done ASAP but cant until my medicaid gets approved...Does anyone know how long it usually takes for approval of Medicaid?

And Ladies Please no bashing on this subject. I hardly ever post anything realated to this because of the bashing.
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by LosingMyMindInGABlank, Jan 31, 2011
It really depends on your state.  Here in Georgia they have a maximum of 30 days for certain types of medicaid.  You could check the website for north carolina medicaid and it should tell you.  You can ALWAYS call and check on the status of your application as well.
by hopingfornumber4, Jan 31, 2011
Yea im in colorado and 30 days is the max they can take and its the same in texas....good luck hope u get it soon :)
by LauraB78, Jan 31, 2011
I am not sure, but I know most counties have an advocate for state health care. I would call your local town building and ask them where you should go in your area. I am pretty sure if you are pregnant, you cannot be denied. Another idea is to call your local hospital and ask if they have a health care advocate that could assist you. Good luck
by ketona31479, Jan 31, 2011
I have looked on the website and it says nothing just who is eligiable and how much you are allowed to make to qulifiy for it. My Doc called on the 16th and it was still pending then. I wouldnt normally be worried if it was just about me but now i have my lil bit to worry about and DD is due for shots too. I doubt there isnt much of a defference between GA and NC's waiting period...Thanks for your input, I think I may just go out to the office tomorrow (no phone here)... Oh and we are doing the Family Medicaid, not the one for just pregnancy related.

Thanks again. :)
by alaysha, Jan 31, 2011
It was 30 days for me and my daughter to get on it.
by ketona31479, Jan 31, 2011
Thanks for all of the replies, it just seems to be taking forever to get that approval letter in the mail lol. I just hope I will get it soon because I really want to see my lil bit and to know everything is alright.
by Dreamia, Jan 31, 2011
In Georgia they can take up to 45 days...
by Nini2686, Jan 31, 2011
i live in nj and my daughter was born in oct. and she didnt get approve until Feb. I was so pissed and i hope this isn't the case for you.
by Linzola1Blank, Jan 31, 2011
30 days! I had everything I needed when I went to apply in office so was qualified immeditally!