Orgasm ok if on pelvic rest?
by Cyn_x0, Mar 22, 2010
On 3/10 I was put on bed rest for 5 days due to a subchorionic hemmorage. I went back to my dr 3/17 and although I am not on bed rest they did say pelvic rest and no sex at least until my next ultrsound which is april 7th.

Me and my husband had a very active sex life- At least once a day if not more. It has been very frusturating lately because I feel like I want sex. I know we can't but can we do other things so I can have an orgasm or can I not even have an orgasm due to the pelvic rest?

Help! lol
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by AshelenBlank, Mar 22, 2010
Sorry to be blunt but this is one of the many sacrifices you'll have to make as a mommy. Chances are things would be fine if you orgasmed, BUT....orgasms cause the uterus to contract for approximately 30 minutes, and that is DEFINITELY counter-indicated by the concept of "pelvic bed rest". Wait until your ultrasound, OR if you can't wait for another few weeks, call your doctor and ask if it's okay. Generally pelvic bed is targeting resting the cervix, but you don't want to cause contractions which can cause dilation.

Just so you know...many women with active sex lives have had to be on pelvic bed rest for WAY longer, and they survived...hang in there, LOL. I understand, I was on pelvic bed rest with this pregnancy and my husband and I are very active's all a part of becoming a mommy. but if you really don't want to wait, I would call my doctor and ask what he thinks. he may OK it and there'll be no problem...but better safe than sorry.
by JoyRenee, Mar 22, 2010
No orgasms- as Ashelen stated an orgasm is a uterine contraction.
by allycat24, Mar 22, 2010
I was done the same way when I was 20 weeks with my second son I was told no sex until baby is born so I went 14 weeks no sex then another 6 after an emergency c section and with this on I was put on half bedrest no sex and no lifting anything over 10 lbs because I have a history of preterm labor and delivery my first son was born at 28.5 weeks my second son was born at 34.1 weeks both are fine my oldest will be 5 years old in July and my second one will be 3 in July and I am due with my 3rd in July if I make it that far I just take it easy and trust me you don't want to risk having a premature baby they are scary and you have a bigger chance of the baby not making it better safe then sorry
by Cyn_x0, Mar 23, 2010
She didn't exactly say pelvic rest. Her exact words were no sex or nothing in the vagina ex- tampon or hot tubs..

But I guess i'll have to stick it out cause I want whats safe for my baby
by Melka76, Mar 23, 2010
Funny the dr said tampons - I would think that you would be calling them if you needed to use one.... :) - i am on pelvic rest right now - have been since 12 weeks - and I am 22w - it ***** - I have been on pelvic rest for all of my pregnancies - but I will admit I have gone against orders on this one ( my other two were wtih my ex husband - was not active with him) this hubby we are very active - so needless to say I did have sex, contractions and red blood and off to L&D - trust me - it is very embarassing to tell your drs you had sex when you are pregnant and obviously old enough to be having sex with your husband... :)   but i am on progesterone shots that help with preterm labor and I think that is why  have been able to not have serious complications - but I am trying very hard not to "go against dr's orders again" -  Good Luck
by PrettyKitty1, Mar 23, 2010
No sex sex for you lol......sorry.
Oh, get used to it. When baby comes you'll be lucky to get some once a week LOL..
by sprarah, Mar 23, 2010
I agree and orgasm is out of the question. She may not have speified but typically no orgasm is included in no sex.
by Melka76, Mar 23, 2010
Oh - and just to mention - when they say nothing in the vagina - that means nothing - no self manipulation.  I was told nothing down there at all and not even breast stimulation.
by feather2e, Mar 23, 2010
I agree with all the above. I am on a strict no sex rule  now as I was on my previous pregnancy. It is not just sex that causes problems, Orgasms cause the uterus to contract. Better to be safe .also avoid nipple stimulation as that can also give contractions.