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Pregnancy and...graduate school???
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Pregnancy and...graduate school???

Have any of you been pregnant and/or had a newborn while attending college/graduate school?

If so, I could use some advice...

My fiance and I have been TTC #1 since December, but, after finding out I was accepted into my first choice grad. school program (Master's of Forensic Science at GWU, in Washington D.C.), we decided to "cool it down" a bit--or at least "time" it better, so I won't need to take a term off.

Of course, however, after getting my acceptance letter, we went out for dinner/drinks and had crazy "celebration" sex, right in the middle of the month--which (if I get a BFP) would mean an early December baby, and a hellish first term!

*head desk* :-)

I've had a bad reactions to Plan B in the past (superficial blood clots) so that's out, and if I get a BFN it's back to non-hormonal BC (condoms/Fertility Awareness Method), but...if I get a BFP??

(Yes, I know you only have a 25% chance of pregnancy each month, even when circumstances are perfect, but I'm a worry-wart, lol.)

Lots of people balance higher education & family, but I'd love to hear your stories, especially about being pregnant & having a newborn while attending college, or graduate school.

A BFP was all I wanted for months, but now I'm utterly terrified of seeing those two pink lines...

(Yes, highly ironic, I'm well aware. ;-)

PS: I'm in a traditionally "masculine" field/science, where obvious reminders of femininity are often looked down upon, and while I'd be thrilled with a baby now (and keep it, obviously), I'd prefer he/she arrive next summer, so I don't make my first impression in the middle of my 2nd Trimester!

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I have a 18 month old and am pregnant with #2 right now. I am attending college. My school is very understanding about taking time off and things like that.

Congrats on grad school!!!
I honestly don't know how u will manage to have a baby with midterms. If you do become pregnant is there anyway you can maybe start your term in January? I mean I'm the type of person that want to get things done right and right now lol. But Unless your school is very understanding I don't see how it will work well. I've not known grad schools to be that understanding.
Regardless good luck and congrats. I'm sure whatever God has planned for you will work out.
I think many woman go through this so no stress I'm sure you'll make it.
i did. i got my first choice for teaching english as a foreign language at bath university, there were only 10 places in the uk so i was really proud. anyway, the day i got my exam results and knew i had the place, i got a bfp. as the course meant i'd be in egland for 6 months, then holland for 6 months then england and so on for 3 years i decided it wasn't going to be practical for me with a newborn. instead i did a degree in french and italian at salford university. as long as you're organised and work hard, it's managable. i was lucky as my uni was very understanding and i always had the option to take time out and return to study when appropriate. best of luck.
Well I don't know...I think that women can handle many things...Much worse than pregnant during grad school.  I think its very do-able.  It actually may work out for the best specially since you'd have to postpone having a baby until much later when you graduate AND THEN working in forensics while pregnant may be out of the question since you'll be working with a lot of pathological substances.

Think about what you will do in terms of child care once the baby is born, if you can delay a semester when you deliver and take an extension and if you are going to breastfeed, if there are private places for you to pump while you are studying.

Also, I would be pregnant and showing off my belly and being extra-feminine just in spite, because all those male idiots that frown upon you, are not able to stand ONE second of being pregnant while studying, and you can so you are stronger for it.  Men are sissies when it comes to any physical discomfort.
Well, don't worry about the load! You are strong!
I am due in July and I have been attending grad school AND full time job!!! So ...even though it can be tough I believe that your will can fight it all! All you need is strengh to pull yourself together and don't worry about a thing....just work hard and you will see, education is extremelly important and therefore please don't give up.
I have a friend who had a baby recently and she is going to college. Some colleges have on-sight daycare.
Thank you everyone, for all your encouragement & advice!!

I've checked with GWU, and found out I can take any term EXCEPT my first term off for medical/personal reasons, and return to class without a problem. They also have on-site day-care, which will be a huge blessing (Thanks, JoyRenee, for suggesting I ckeck that out! ;-).

So, fabulous news, but it doesn't help too much for a Dec. baby, lol.

To Darkestlight: If I wanted to defer (delay entrance until January 2010), they could only promise reconsideration of my application, not readmission, so even if I get a BFP, I'm gonna tough it out. I'd try to finish finals early (I'd be due finals week), then take Spring semester off.

To Mumita: you bring up a good point about working with pathogens while pregnant. I'll have labs while in school, but nothing like the exposure I'd have on the job. This is part of why I'm anxious to get the pregnancy finished while I'm still in a (relatively) safe environment.

I also love your suggestion about flaunting the baby belly. I'm a very feminine person to begin with, so I've already delt with a lot of flack from "macho" law enforcement types. I'm anxious to show them it's not only possible to be a female, but to be a pregnant (*gasp*) female, and competent at the same time!!

All in all, I'm going to try and relax in the 2WW, and take it as it comes. I'll keep everyone posted, and try not to "symptom spot" too much (yeah, right...).

PS: If I get a BFN, my fiance & I have decided to TTC in late summer/early fall, to try for a summer 2010 baby (June, July, Aug.). That would allow me to finish my entire first year, and have a few months to bond with the baby before going back to class/teaching.

i am working fulltime, taking 2 grad courses, mommy to a 20 month old, AND 19 weeks pregnant. And somehow, i still find time to play around on the internet every now and then :) It's tiring, but possible. And i'm doing it with all sorts of complications this time around. The way I see it- it's easier to do it now than later on while caring for 2 children.

By the way, it was pretty easy to do it all with just 1 baby. As long as you have good time management skills and a lot of help from hubby, it's not bad.
Yay!  I'm glad I was of some help.  I actually used to counsel and provide financial asistant to college and graduate students.  There is actually a lot of help available for college/graduate students.  I think most colleges want to have well rounded professionals and they encourage women to have a family without having to sacrifize their families or their studies.  
Everything will work out but if you are not pregnant right now you have a better plan to have it near the summer next year, but you can never predict when it will happen unfortunately.  
Anyway, in the mean time get very healthy, eat very healthy, excersise, take prenatals with folic acid and extra Omega 3, so  when you are TTC'ing you'll have a better outcome.
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