Pregnant with Creamy White CM
by bioclock1, Apr 07, 2008
For those who have been pregnant or not... Have any of you noticed lotion-like CM a few days past ovulation? If so, did this end up being a predictor for your pregnancy? I never get the lotion-like CM and have it so I'm wondering...what gives?
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by Keril14, Apr 07, 2008
I don't know if it is a predictor but i know that i had a lot more creamy cm this cycle....and I got a bfp....good luck
by bioclock1, Apr 07, 2008
Congratulations!!! So how far along are you?
Did you have the creamy cm in your other cycles?
I don't know what to think b/c i  never have creamy cm but i've also been dealing with hormonal issues so I guess maybe it's possible that this month my progesterone levels are normal, causing this creamy cm.
by missyg477, Apr 07, 2008
I had the same thing happen.  More CM after ovulation and I'm pregnant.
by Keril14, Apr 08, 2008
I am very early into my pregnancy...i am 4 1/7 weeks today =)  I wish you the best of luck ttc.  I know how frustrating it is waiting.
by diva_lorri, Apr 08, 2008
yes i noticed this as one of the main indicators for me.
fingers crossed 4u!
by bioclock1, Apr 08, 2008
Well, I intially thought maybe this was a sign (the CM) but now the CM has dwindled down so I'm thinking maybe not. ;(
For you ladies who noticed this lotiony-cm, was it constant from the time it started, did it stop and then start again or was it just a couple day thing?
I'm curious if I should expect the white cm to come back? If I do a digital inspection I can still see some of the white creamy stuff but only  if I insert my fingers. I want the amount to increase!!!  What do ya'll think?
by martikadragoon, Apr 08, 2008
Yea, I had that CM too, and one or two days it was VERY nonexistant, but came right back and lasted. then the about 4-6w into my pregnancy, it dissapeared.. and it came back again a month or two later.

Gosh, i'm almost 4 1/2mo along and am starting to feel like an experienced person already.
by bioclock1, Apr 08, 2008
Well, you ARE experienced b/c you're preggo and have this type of info!! I'm happy for you that you're pregnancy is going well. I don't always respond to the messages unless I have something valuable to say. But, I keep up with ppl and am glad you're past the 12 week zone!!
I don't really have a lot of the creamy cm, and I think maybe I should if I'm actually preggo and 5 dpo. Right? I know every one is different but when I had a chemical pregnancy I remember being "wet" all the time and this time I'm not. Just the white stuff. When should symptoms begin to kick in if I DID conceive?
by blueeyedtabbycat, Apr 08, 2008
This is a paragraph from the 5th adition of Your Pregnancy Week by Week

`````increased vaginal discharge
During pregnancy, it is normal to have increase in vaginal discharge or vaginal secretions, called LEUKORRHEA. This discharge is usually white or yellow and fairly thick. It is not an infection. We beleive it is caused by the increased blood flow to the skin and muscles around the vagina. This apperanace, visible to your doctor early in pregnancy, is called Chadwicks sign.

I had this with in a week of finding out I was pregnant and it has resently tappered off (thank God) It was very heavy! More so than the CM you get around ovulation:) I hope this helps and good luck!