Questions.. Burning pain..... Does Preeclampsia always have to do with high BP? please help
by PetiteWonder, Jul 24, 2011
I do not know a lot about preeclampsia at this point but always worried about it...

I was wondering if it always involves high BP or what...

Important part: I have been reading about this burning sensation (not heartburn feels like a sunburn, tender to touch or perhaps like a bruise under the skin -- there is no rash or anything in the area) that I have at the very top of my bump slightly under my breasts...  Its primarily in the middle but slightly to the right side....

Most sources seem to say that it is from stretching and growth,  skin is sensitive due to the stretching....  Other sources say that it could be a condition of abdominal separation , which apparently is common in thin people..  In that case, it says if you lean back, you will see a bulging muscle in the middle (which I do have)...  

But a few things have come up with preeclampsia pain...  Which they say it usually occurs on the right side...  It came up on one source as rib pain... This pain currently is definitely not rib pain but I have rib pain in the past (from 23-25 1/2 weeks) always on the right side...    I havent had the rib pain recently but this pain has been here for about 2 weeks now...

I plan to mention it to my OB at my next appointment in 3 weeks regardless but I didnt mention it this week when I was there because it had gone away for several days and I hadnt thought about it at all while at the appointment...  Which now that its back --- I am pissed that it slipped my mind..

Has anyone else experience this type of sensation (at times it can be itchy too)......

Thoughts in general?  To date, my BP has consistent been in the same range (always a tad on the low side but still technically in the normal range)..... I have had no dizziness this pregnancy (which is weird).. no proteins in urine... but it says many woman with preesclampsia have no symptoms at all...
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by PetiteWonder, Jul 24, 2011
by tiredbuthappy, Jul 24, 2011
I think that the pains that accompany preeclampsia come when it is very progressed. Aren't they due to liver failure from HELLP? You would certainly have high BP and protein in your urine before this occurred.
I had severe preeclampsia and HELLP. I didn't get abdominal pains like you describe until well after I had been diagnosed. My early signs were significant swelling in my feet and ankles. My BP was high. Blood tests showed lowered platelets, urine test showed protein in urine; 24 hr urine sample showed protein spilling into urine (+4).
I wouldn't stress too much about preeclampsia unless you have risk factors. Nothing can be done to prevent it, and most likely it won't catch you off guard.
by PetiteWonder, Jul 24, 2011
I have read more about the abdominal separating and it seems more like it...  i did a small test for it...  *****.... I will mention it to my ob next appointment.. there sint much that can be done
by tryingfor1sttime815, Jul 24, 2011
I had preclampsia with my first pg and I never had pain in stomach.  I had severe swelling and heartburn, and high blood pressure.  Then came the protein in the urine.  I probably had it for four weeks before I gave birth.  I was seeing a surgeon at the time for a non pregnancy related problem and he was really worried about my blood pressure then I would go to my OB and they would say it was fine.  Then when I went in to have my baby they tested me and I had preclampsia.