WHY does it hurt so bad to cough/sneeze while pregnant?
by sweetangel7, Nov 04, 2008
Well, I know it is normal to get a pain when you cough/sneeze because I asked earlier and a lot of people said they had it too...Well, it happened again today when I coughed, soo bad I thought I was about to double over!  

My question is WHY does this it 'round ligament' pain?

I have an appointment on Thursday, I can ask then if I remember but I was hoping one of you fine ladies had an answer =)
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by Rosa20, Nov 04, 2008
i dont know what it is...i dont really find it hurts....but ill tell yeah i pee myself everytime i do sneeze or cough!! ESPICALLY now!! lol But it could be that your pulling something maby when you do cough or sneeze!! I wouldnt worry about it just because our bodys do weird stuff when were pregnant ne ways...i think we should learn to not let anything come as a suprise to us!! lol
by ashiepooh, Nov 04, 2008
I would believe because your muscles in your stomach are a bit stretched, it's because of that!  But ask your doctor, cause that makes me wonder too!  Ahaha,
by alaysha, Nov 04, 2008
Hmm I wonder as well. I used to get that stupid pulling pain as early as like 8 weeks. Which sees to early for the muscles to be really stretching that much. Ugh... I don't iss that feeling.
by JoyRenee, Nov 04, 2008
Imagine your ligaments supporting your uterus as rubber bands. They're stretched to the max. When you sneeze/cough you pull even harder on those already stretched ligaments. So it definitely does hurt!
by debgunn23, Nov 04, 2008
I get it too, especially when getting up or shifting positions but mines always in the same right spot where when i push into my abdomin it feels realyl sore and tender. Didnt sound like ligament to me but i guess it was afterall! Check with your doc but i get it all the time. I sneeze alot and everytime im in pain. Alot of the times it feels like a charley horse but goes away in a few min or less.
by Natasha2561, Nov 01, 2010
I am 23 weeks pregnant and I am having the same problem.  
by hopefulLady, Nov 01, 2010
I had the same problem as early as 4.5 weeks.. in fact that is the first symptom I felt before I even tested.
I get SUCH a bad, stinging, killing pain every time I sneeze, that I double over and cannot come back or speak for a minute.

I spoke to the doctor and he said it is normal. I also have fibroids, so I assume it is a lot of pelvic congestion along with stretching ligaments.
The doctor told me that before I cough or sneeze, I should hug a pillow to my belly and bend forward.
I find if I bend forward and BRACE myself for a sneeze, it does not hurt so bad!

Guess it is all a part of having a life grow inside of us :)
No pain, no gain, lol..
Good luck everyone!
by tacey286, Nov 01, 2010
Isn't it great when you read a question like this and think "oh it's not just me!' i don't get it sneezing butwhen i cough i do.
by Mumita, Nov 01, 2010
Oh god I hate it when that happens! My belly button hurts too!