What does Soft Cervix mean?
by Anna896, Jul 13, 2009
I am 23 weeks pregnant, and experienced cramping and low abdominal pain. Went to the ER and was told that my cervix is very soft. I have had a D&C at 21 weeks a year ago, could that be the reason? I also saw a nurse practitioner after that who did not seem concerned about it. I was just told to take it easy. My question is what does this mean? Will I go into preterm labor? I am super scared to loose the baby. I am seeing a doctor in a month, and afraid to not last that long. Please, I need an explanation.
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by chantal21, Jul 13, 2009
I was having contractions around 26 1/2 weeks and saw my midwife who told me my cervix my very soft as well but was not dilated. She was concerned and sent me to an OB. When I saw the OB, I was told I was 1cm. I went on bedrest (which I am still on now). From what I understand, some women can just have a soft cervix, but most times it means your body could be preparing to go into labor, but it's not 100% and doesn't mean it will happen anytime soon. I go back this thursday to be sure nothing has changed. They also said I have BV, so I am being treated for that as that can cause pre-term labor. They should just want to monitor you to be sure you don't dilate at all. I would think if there is a major concern, they would want to see you sooner to monitor you. I would want to be seen sooner and be on the safe side.