What happens if I am late removing my Mirena?
by lila2828, Apr 22, 2010
I have had the Mirena for a while now, and unfortunately I cannot for the life of me figure out if it has been 4 years or 5.  I know I got it in April (05' or 06'), but have since changed doctors as the practice I used to go to has changed and I no longer have a way of finding that record.  My question is: what happens if I am late removing the Mirena?  Is the only result that I would no longer have effective birth control, or is it more likely to cause dangerous side effects? I cannot seem to find an answer online and any help would be appreciated.
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by Tonione03, Apr 22, 2010
I kept my mirena in for 7 years...yes I know how did that happen?

Well I moved out of the state where I initially got the mirena. I took forever to find a new doctor and then well I just didn't think about it too often.

A few months back I started getting scared that maybe it would show up in my throat or something one day LOL of course it didn't  but I KNEW it had been too long. Plus I was having unprotected sex in the last 6 months of having it in. I did not get pregnant and I continued to NOT have TOM and that was up through year 7.

Well I got it out FINALLY two weeks ago. Thought it would hurt like crazy since they usually like for you to have been just off of TOM  but it didn't. It was quick and painless. Much easier coming out than going in I have to say.

Oh and I did get TOM actually just this morning. Which prompted me to do a search on Mirena experiences after removal.

Hope this helped a bit. You'll be fine I'm sure.
by lila2828, Apr 22, 2010
Thanks, that does make me less stressed about the whole situation.  
by rebekah385, Apr 22, 2010
I would'nt  leave it in past the time you are supposed to. I had the Mirena IUD and had to have it removed because of complications with it giving me ovarian cyst and pain. however when they were telling me about it when i got it put in, they said that after the five years is up you can get pregnant with it in and if you get pregnant with it in it can cause a miscarriage or it can get stuck in the baby as it's forming. I don't think that your chances of it causing you physical harm (other than the pregnancy thing) are any higher after it expires, but I would'nt want to chance a pregnancy with it still in there! Good luck and hope you firgure it out!
by Bribri86, Jun 08, 2012
Ive had mine in for 6 yrs and its expire I would have gotten it removed but they cant find find it and im scared b/c I havnt had a cycle n I keep getting urinary tract infections I dont,know what to do
by shannonnichole, Jul 18, 2012
if they cant find it then chances are that it already fell out but if your concerned then you might want to have your doc do ultrasounds. an abdominal and a transvaginal.
by MsHumble_O_Me, Sep 07, 2012
I just read your post and I feel a little relieved.  I am surposed to get mine removed this month (because its 5 yrs) but I dont have any ins nor enough money to cover the costs of removal.  I was researching what would happen if I left the Mirena in a little longer.... I thought it might begin to form into my body?? (LBVS)  
I am also finding some VERY, VERY scary stories about "Mirena Crash" that has me scared out of my mind!!!!!!!
by Danyell22, Oct 27, 2012
I have had my mirena in for 5 years September. I just started bleeding after sex, it happend once before and only lasted a few hours. Should I be worried???
by missy474, Nov 02, 2012
Hello ladies. I have had my IUD in for 5 years in Dec. I started spoting for a few days every 2 weeks. I was also having other problems. I went into the doc and she did an ultrasound and found it IN my cervix. I am going to have it reomoved but for those of you who are having problems you need to look up Miena IUD Lawsuite. Yes thats right there is a lawsuite against the manufacture. If you are having problems you need to let your doc know no matter if you have insurance or not. I dont have insurance either. My doc has been helping me pay for my visits and she is also helping me find a place to go and have it revomed. Please dont wait on this. You need to get help for this. I have been doing a lot of research and you should not but your health at risk. Please Please get help.
by jazziebell, Nov 18, 2013
thanks for yall comments i will be calling my doctor first thing in the morning to have mine removed i have just been putting it off cause im to busy but my health is more important then my job