Will walking bring on labor? And how much is too much?
by 4forme, Aug 15, 2009
Hi ladies!

I'm 39 weeks pregnant and have lost part of my mucous plug, but while I'm feeling very achy and sore labor seems like a long way off.  I have been doing a lot of walking to try to get things going.  I walk about three to four hours every day--not briskly, just at a normal pace (I usually walk for an hour at a time and I'm not sweating or out of breath at all) but I'm wondering if this is good for the baby, and even if it's not hurting the baby is it really going to help bring labor on?  Have any of you ladies tried walking and if so, how long did you walk every day and did it help?  

Thanks for any advice!
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by AngellaHas2, Aug 15, 2009
Well walk as much as you want, or can handle. I did that with my first pregnancy. I walked 8 miles every other day. From my house all the way to my moms. And let me tell you.. It was not easy.

But with this last pregnancy. I tryed so hard to walk. I couldent even make it to the end of the street. Which is about 4 houses away from me. So do what you can..
by bossetina, Aug 15, 2009
hi there just wonted to tell u what help me go in to labor fast with in 24h do house work like wash your floor on your hand and nees thats works all the time
by daisymomlove, Aug 15, 2009
Ok well hopefully you're one of the luck ones that this does work for lol.  Unfortunately it didn't work for me at all.  I walked all the time, tried to stand for as long as I could stand it.  Heck I even would run up and down the hall with my 2 year old daughter as much as I could lol.  Nothing worked.  My obgyn stripped my membranes twice she also told me to have sex, NOT that didn't work either.  I tried spicey food, greezy food, something that would make me have a bowl movement so I could push alittle.  I know TMI just trying to help.  Make a long story short even trying all this and being striped, my little girl still didn't want to come.  I was 41wks they induced me at that time.  She still didn't want to come being induced.  They had to sucktion her out and cut me.  That was not fun the next day.  My other two didn't give me that much trouble.  It's not too much walking your body will tell you if it's too much.  Hopefully it picks up speed for you and you can have your little one.   And by the way they now don't like induceing you untill you're 41wks unless it's a health reason.  So hopefully the baby will come on her/his own or else you're stuck until 41wks.  Good luck keep us posted!
by chantal21, Aug 15, 2009
With my son I was 36 weeks when I had the bloody show. I started walking as soon as that happened. I would walk up and down hills for at least an hour an day, I cleaned, had lots of sex, and even bounced on my exercise ball. By 37 1/2 weeks I was dilated to 4cm and in labor but not completely active since they would go away at night for 8 hours. Then at 38 weeks he was born! I knew it could help to stay active and do things. Your body will tell you what's too much and when you need to take a break. But ultimately, it will happen when baby is ready! Hang in there, not much longer.
by JoyRenee, Aug 15, 2009
Just listen to your body. If you can walk, then walk. It shouldn't harm baby at all.
by LosingMyMindInGABlank, Aug 16, 2009
Some people disagree....but i feel it DOES help.  I tried to walk a mile or two every night after dinner the last several weeks of two of my pregnancies....One was born approx 3 days before her due date with a 7 1/2 hr labor.  The other was born a week before due date (had membrane sweep with that one too) and active labor was only about 2 1/2 hours)  This last time, I didn't get to walk much at all, with 3 kids and full time job...not much time...I edned up being induced on my due date.  Not a bad experience by any means, but i honestly feel if i could have walked it would have happened sooner on its own.  Like Joy said, listen to your body...if you can handle it...go for it....if nothing else it will help to keep your body prepared for labor.