always wet in vaginal area
by hopeful10, Mar 10, 2009
i am 14 weeks pregnant, and ive noticed im always wet in my vaginal area. the other night i woke up and i was very wet, it felt like i had been sweating. is it possible for amniotic fluid to leak out?
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by Sasha80, Mar 10, 2009
I'm not sure about amniotic fluid.  Many pg women will discharge fluid throughout their pregnancy.  Just part of the course.  I too have to change my underwear throughout the day.  I have started to wear a panty liner or a thin pad (depending on how bad it is that day).  Just have to make sure you change the pad or liner frequently as bacterial growth could result in a yeast infection (very common in pg women).
by gina1978, Mar 10, 2009
Yes it is possible but i'm almost 20 weeks and I have been wet the whole time.Sometimes it feels like I wet my pants and actually sometimes that is what it is.When I laugh,sneeze or cough.It's annoying.Have you smelled it?It may just be the normal discharge mixed in with some pee.Sorry I know how gross that sounds lol
by slzerbst, Mar 10, 2009
I hate to say it, but I too have been having VERY wet days/night.  Which has really put a damper on doing things.  And I too have to wear a pad.  Which makes me feel like I have my period, even though, I know that it's just to make sure I don't soak myself while I'm at work... cuz that would be very embarassing.  Also I'm pretty sure that amniotic fluid can't leak out, at least not this early on in pregnancy, but if you're really concered about it, then you could or should always call your doctor just to make sure everything is okay.

Also is your's more water like?  Then possibly it could be cuz as far as I have been reading most of the people on here have been having white/yellowish discharge that's a lot thicker than prior to being pregnant.  So like I said I would give your doctor a call just to be on the safe side.
by JoyRenee, Mar 10, 2009
It's normal. You may have to wear panty-liners to reduce smell and to save your underwear. I'm not to that point yet (I'm 8 weeks) but I had it bad with my youngest daughter! YUCK! It's not a good feeling.
by illsurvive, Mar 10, 2009
i dont think so. i had feeling like that too. and was nothing. so it happpens that u ffel wet.dont worry.i delivered a healthy baby.
by natlou, Jun 06, 2009
ive also been feelin this im 23 weeks pregnant nd been gettin a lil scared
its been happening for a few  weeks nw but its just like water but smells nw and again its embarissing yhh thas true ...  as i always feel dirty all the time  but im gunna ask my midwife about it just incase of anyhting :)
hope this helped id ask ur midwife incase any problems they r always there 4 u for advice
by amanda22571, Jun 06, 2009
hey all im still in early stages of pregnancy but i feel wet also every day can be quite irritating .sometimes it can get that bad  that i have to go to the bathroom to check myself of how wet i feel

does anyone no of any medication that could stop or ease it a little?

i to also thought what if its amnotic fluid gotten scared a few times i have the thick disccharge and when i wipe myself the kinda watery one

any advice?

thanks X