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and today's topic is.....Monday Madness!!!
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and today's topic is.....Monday Madness!!!

Yes, it's that time of week again. We can all say it together..."UGH!". So pick a topic to vent about and let loose. remember, avoid controversial topics such as abortion, teen pregnancy, politics, etc....and be respectful and kind towards our other members. Let's make this a safe, comfortable place for everyone to talk about what's bothering them.

I'm on the move right now so I'm not gonna put down my vent, but everyone feel free to get started!
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i left the lights on in the car when i took my daughter to her grandmas ;( it was raining and then last night the jerk i live with wanted something from the store he went to leave and it was dead ;( he got really mad at me slamming things around...he thinks it will charge on its own wont...he asleep right now i checked it and it still dead uhg when he wakes up he gunna be pissed again cuz he has to work to night. omg i forgot we all do it some at least once!!! right ;(?
avaortega- oh yeah I have done that before...forget him, if he needs to drive it, he can go out there with the jumper cables and jump it off...dont worry about it...

My gripe today, would be, I am getting sick and tired of people thinking I am their personal delivery service...everyone always calls me to go get things or bring them things...and it wouldnt be so bad, except for, they have a car and no KIDS...they just dont feel like getting out in the cold or whatever....I have a 4 month old and a 4 year old...and to top it is sick, and I have Christmas programs tonight...I do not have time to do everything for you!!! BLAHHHHHH
My gripe today is that lovely AF showed up last night. Hate her!
My gripe is I'm still pregnant, 39 weeks 4 days today. Baby girl has moved down, but for some reason the bottom ribs on my left side hurt WORSE and have been giving me more and more trouble the last couple days. They hurt to the point now that I can't sit up straight...NOT fun.
Avaortega- Nope your not the only one!! I leave lights on all the time, and i lock the keys in there all the time...  I agree that if he wants to drive it, then let him fix it!! hes the man, well I guess hes not much of a man, if he treats you like that.. so i take that back.. lol

My vent is about.......  hmm.. well really im not really mad about anything at the moment, but the day just began, so maybe later!!! lol
Ava- I do it ALL the time! So does my DF. I'd let him ***** hopeful he gross a brain and realizes he's gotta jump it!

5n1- omg! That would be my gripe every other day! My sister does it to me all the time bc my kids older then hers! Wtf!

My gripe-My BIL lost his license bc he got a dui(or 6) so EVERY fing weekend he puts me and my fiance in a situation to watch HIS kids so he can go out! My sister works friday till monday and he work till 7 monday thru friday! He like NEVER has to take care of them! But still he makes someone else on the weekends!

Well this weekend I had to do an overnight on Saturday. I took the car so DF would have an excuse if he asked! You know what he did? He had a friend bring his kids to OUR house and ask if hed watch for an hour. He felt like he had no choice so he did but it wasn't an hour it was till 1 am! My poor man I was p!ssed! I was working with my sister and so was she bc some chick called her husbands mom and told her that my BIL was in a car accident! It was just terrible!

But I made it thru and had a great Sunday! NOW tho I'm nauseous and have feel so icky! :(
Okay i take that back, i just remember how mad I am at DB and my sisters boyfriend!! As some of you know some bad stuff happened involving the police and violence a few months ago.. well DB is willing to apolagize but my sisters boyfriend isnt having it.. i love DB and im really close to my sisters boyfriend..  okay my 21st bday is next weekend, and we have had plans to go to my favorite restaruant for months now.. well my sisters boyfriend wants to go, but doesnt want my DB to say anything to him.. well in my opinion i think thats just immature of him. he needs to let it go, obviously DB is gonna be a big part of my life for awhile, and so is my sisters boyfriend, there getting engaged for chirstmas i think..  and me and my sister are best friends..  so this is really bugging me.. ive been putting it off for weeks now, cause i know DB is just gonna be like, "whatever im not going then" well I asked him last night, and of course hes not going now.. he thinks its bull that he has to not talk to him and now its gonna be awkward and even though there will be 10 people going, hes gonna feel out of place and not want to talk at all.. which I completely agree, so i said screw my sisters boyfriend, id rather have you go, its my bday. but now hes being a complete jerk and saying he dont wanna go and he never did, cause its way too expensive, which it is, but its my bday its not like we go everyday.  so he said hell just give me money to go.. WHICH, last year at my 20th bday, I was pregnant and wanted to go there too, thats all i wanted, i love this place, and he did the same thing,the morning of my bday he left money on the table and left.. given he came back with flowers and said sorry and ended up going. but still it bothers me that hes using money as an issure now, when it wasnt a problem months before when we planned it.  .. I really want him there.. I udnerstand that he dont want to go to the bar with us after wards cause he cant drink, but I really want him at my bday dinner.. we havnt talked about it since, but I have to make the reservations in a week. but I dont wanna fight, so should i just count him, and if he goes, he goes?
My breasts are killing me. Thank goodness we don't have hard water pressure in the shower. I'd be upset! lol.... I can't cuddle DF cause they hurt. I can't roll over in bed most of the time because of it. This morning I went to look at them and as I slid my shirt back down my nipples blurted out I hate you!! LOL

DF works night shift for two weeks starting tonight and always, we argue when he does. We don't get to spend that much time together. But today, I got up at 7:30... Fried him some eggs & bacon and gave him breakfast in bed. He's gone back to sleep since he's got to work tonight so hopefully the breakfast in bed will put us both in a good mood for the rest of the day :))
My vent is that i'm still waiting to go into labor or be induced the 16th. I'm so ready to have my little girl and I just wish there was something I could do to hurry her up. lol. I woke up this morning and my pee was super dark (I hope it's not a UTI..again) and my throat hurts and my nose is all runny. Just what I wanted.
My vent is left over from Friday night. My mom had bought me tickets to see a Christmas concert by my favorite Christian rock singer, Michael W. Smith, as a birthday present last month. I had wanted to see him in concert for over 10 years now, and have never had the chance between locations being too far, or having no money, or both. But on Friday night, he was performing at a concert hall that is less than 10 minutes from where I live! Tickets were pricey, of course...I didn't think I'd get to go...but then my mom surprised me with tickets last month on my birthday. Yay!!! I had been counting down the days since then.
So my husband and I get to the concert, and it's all going great, I'm having the time of my life...until it got to intermission.
At that point, I started kicking myself that I had eaten Papa John's pizza as a quick dinner before leaving for the concert, *knowing* that Papa John's pizza *always* triggers an IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) attack with me. So what was I thinking when I ate it?! I don't know...I guess I was hoping that if I did get an attack, it would happen more like, the middle of the night or the next day. Stupid me.
So intermission begins, and my gut starts cramping up and twisting around on itself. This is very VERY painful, and very sudden. Having an IBS attack, for me, is literally like having labor pains, the cramping is that severe. It takes my breath away and nauseates me.
Brandon sees that look I get on my face as soon as that feeling starts, and he knows. So he's like, "Do we need to go home?"
Dang it, I've waited over 10 years to see this concert, and I don't care if I'm bleeding out my eyes or even if I barf all over myself...I WILL see this expensive concert that is my BIRTHDAY present through to the end!!!
Well, I unfortunately had to excuse myself for about a song and a half...but that was all I missed. By the time the concert was over, I thought I may as well just lay down and die. Somehow, I made it to the car, which seemed like it was parked a hundred miles away, and thank God we only live less than 10 minutes away.
I spent the next few hours in the bathroom at home in agony and crying, and hating myself for eating Papa John's pizza, and hating that I got so sick during what should've been while enjoying one of the best birthday presents I've ever gotten, and hating my guts...literally...because they can't digest some stupid pizza!

But as for today--so far, my Monday is going great!!! ☺
My vent is that I can't breathe - again. The runny nose will not go away and it has leaked into my lungs again. I am coughing up this lovely yellow-green nastiness. :)

Good news....when I spoke to the nurse today about it I didn't have to talk to dumb Candy and got nice Bonnie instead. She actually delivered my message to my dr, and guess what? My dr is gonna give me antibiotics so I don't end up in the hospital with pnemonia (pneumonia) and an ear infection again! Amazing! :)

But I would really like to breathe normally again...I have a feeling that will not happen for another 6 months or so...
smj-- I felt like that the last couple weeks before! I always read that your ribs should feel better once your baby drops but not for me! My baby was long! Maybe she will be quite long too!

I live in Ontario and my gripe is about the SNOW!! Ahh! It's barely snowed this whole time except last night!! Total snow squalls! I just came in from shoveling and it's still coming down with more snow squall warnings! I hope it gets better because I have my 6 week appt tomorrow and I really want to make it!!
My gripe is that I'm tired of being FAT.  I came out of my pregnancy 5 lbs UNDER my prepreg weight and I gained that back PLUS another 5.  I don't know what caused me to be so freaking hungry and eat like a horse...perhaps it was the reglan I took to help boost milk supply or the depo shot I took for the same reason.  All I know is that I won't be doing EITHER of those again.  I can't seem to make my appetite decrease.  I started keeping a log of what I was eating and I was eating over 3000 calories on any given day.  I've been forcing myself to stay under 2500 now.  Plus I've started walking on my treadmill and diong some ab excercises.  I find it increasingly difficult to keep the motivation though.  All I want to do is eat, I want chocolate and everything else bad for me.  I just need to really start seeing some results in order to convince myself I'm doing something good and keep going.  I do allow myself to indulge a little so I don't go over board.  I also find that when I'm wanting to eat, even though I know I don't need food...I try to munch on something like sunflower seeds.  I eat them slower becuase I have to hull them, plus they are good for you.  It's better than shoveling m & m's in my mouth constantly.  I just hate the way I look and feel.  I hate feeling "dumpy" not matter what I wear.  DH's Christmas party for work is this saturday and I'm dreading it becuase of how I look :(  I want to get in shape, be thinner, I want to be able to get on the floor with my kids without it being a huge chore.  I want my kids to be able to put their arms around me when they hug me.  

I have to keep reminding myself that I did it once before, I can do it again. AFter my oldest son was born I was 183 lbs.  I walked an hour a day 5 days a week and watched my calorie/fat intake and I lost 40 lbs in about 5 1/2 months.  The only thing I did then that I can't do now is take hydroxycut.  I'm still giving Lily breastmilk so that's out for now.  

Any words of wisdom to keep me motivated? Suggestions on easy excercises I can do at home (I have a treadmill, excercise ball and 1, 3 and 5 lb handweights).
So my Monday madness that I need to vent is about work...I don't understand why people wait for the last minute to say oh yeah this needs to be done.  We have known for 6+ months that we are opening a new center...our state licensing department comes on Friday to do final inspection and we hope to open Monday.  So, WHY wait for the last minute to tell me there is sooooo much paperwork that I have to retype with the new address b/c you didn't save it to the computer the first time you typed it?  

Why is it that we are on the last week and we have so much to do inside the building and she want to think that it's going to be done in time?  I already work 12 hour days and I won't EVER get to see my husband this week and oh lord that will just start another argument.  I don't know which way to turn right's just soooo much to do.

On top of all this I'm suppose to go see a Reproductive Endocrinologist...and they haven't even scheduled my appointment yet....I mean really?  It's almost been a month since they referred me to them and they haven't returned a phone call to get me an appointment....geesh.

Okay I think that's it.  I feel better!
Ammanda- that really ***** that your going thru this family dispute right before your bday cause everyone should just care enough about you to put their problems aside for the night! Id just count an extra person cause it sounds like either DB will go or BIL.

My vent is.. Im still pregnant and 9 days from my induction date.
my vent.. dh is acting like a complete moron! his mom and sister + neice  are here at our place, he wanted me to accompany them to a trip to a place of worship (that they believe in), which is 200 km from our house.
Well, I agreed to go along. Now, DH does not do ANY work around the house, he never did, and now that I am pregnant, he acts like there should be no changes. I had requested him a few times to help me scrub the bathroom tiles, but he nicely ignores this job, knowing that before the day the bathroom looks more like a horror show, it would be anyways cleaned by me. so yes.. I cleaned and it broke my back literally.
The whole of next day I was limping around the house and in office like a lame duck!
And so naturally, I was not in a position to travel 400 km in one day, and hectic walking around on the trip. I told him I cannot go, and he says : I knew you wouldn't, taking offense that I am refusing to go with him and his family!
His mom offerred to stay back to take care of me, and he tells her, its fine, if she can go to work for 9 hours like this, she can stay at home alone as well! (And the reason I cannot quit work is because he forced me to co-buy 2 chunks of residential land with him, ALL on bank loan - and he knows it)
So he took them and left me home. He even told his sister that it is alright, not to worry about me, and he is sure that I would be dancing around the house once everyone leaves!
On coming  back next day, not a single word to me about how I am, just a sarcastic hello and acting like i murdered him or something!
I think, a man who cannot care about his pregnant wife, and his unborn child, is definitely a psycho! I cried so bad after they went, I just had a close friend and his wife come over for company for a while.. strangers feel bad for me, whereas family!!
ALL this.. after being in a relationship with him for 13 years, married for 5! :(
I feel so sick!
This is great!  

My vent is I have to go to my sister n laws wedding on Friday. Mind you she's a (sorry for being so blunt) but a *****, pretend to be christian.  She goes to church on Sundays then sends nasty txts and talks nasty on the other days.  She's slept with so many people where she works that her soon to be hubby(who works at the same place) wants her to quit and find another job as soon as they're married.  She's a "try to keep up with the jones's kinda person".  It disgusts me.  AND to top it all off, she's the "Precious sister/daughter" to her family.  Don't say anything bad about her, don't talk about her at all. UGH. If they'd just see the real her.  The reason she got divorced in the first place is she cheated so many times AND she WAS the "preachers wife".  I DREAD going to this wedding.  We don't get along at all.  She's always snotty acting like she's better, yeah right!  AND she only calls when she wants something. SO about a month back she had the nerve to ask me if I could video her wedding.  WHAT?? I haven't talked to her in like a month or so and that's only when there's a holiday or something and out of the blue she asks me if I can video her wedding.  I'm sorry, but I LIED to her.  I don't care to record her wedding.  Why don't she get one of the guys she's humping to do it!!!  Her soon to be hubby has a tracking thing on her car! I mean, c'mon, if it's THAT bad, why get married????  
Sorry for rambling on but she is really a HUGE "UGH" in my life.
i am going to vent that i just found out our friends mother got laid off, i watch their daughter for them and get paid 600$ a month, now after the 17th i wont be doing it. it really ***** it was my way of making money, and now that i am losing that i feel so sad about it. I liked having that extra money for stuff, but now its gone. Specially around christmas and birthdays, and a new baby coming.I still have money but not my hubby has to pay for everything and i hate that, i like contributing too. :( I just want to cry. We still have enough money to afford everything but having that extra is so much better. I really hope she finds a new job and needs me to help them, since they are planning a wedding for may, and moving back home in the summer. Agg what a crappy day other then i find out what we are having today hopefully :)
my gripe of the day is why is it every month of the year we have enough money to cover our bills but once November hits rent is behind and bills have to be paid!!! I know this is normal but grrr it is annoying. I really cant cmplain because I got my son all of his christmas presents already but my Mother swears she has to get something great from everyone or shes being cheated. I asked her if she wanted my son to paint her a picture on canvas like he did last year and she says "is that all I get?" Idk why but that bothered me a lot more than it should have! I think she would rather get something fantastic than make sure I have enough money to get my sons gift. DH just lost his job and has found a new one but that puts a delay on paychecks.. GRRRRR
that would have really bothered me too. It's rather selfish and greedy and shows total lack of caring and respect for you and especially your son.
Mine is that I was due yesterday with my 3rd child and I've quit progressing! Last week I was 4 cm dilated and today I am still 4 cm even though I've walked for hours each day and been eating spicy food and using an exercise ball to help move things along and nothing is helping! I shouldn't really complain too much since my first 2 were 3 months early but I've just been so uncomfortable these last few days and my ankles are so swollen and sore and my back constantly hurts! I am also so grumpy and having a hard time sleeping lately. I just want this pregnancy to be over! Atleast my doctor said she won't let me go past next week.
My stress today is that we have an accepted purchase offer in a house that we love, and we were in the process of withdrawling from DF's 401K, just to find out today that the funds won't be as available as we thought and they definitely won't be available before we are due to close... Ugggh.. I may have to try and borrow $$ from my Father temporarily, but I have borrowed $ from him once before and he charged me a hefty interest amount and never shut up about it.. I swore NEVER againl but we may have no choice.. Grrrr.. I need to find that $$ tree!!
My vent for today is horrible all day sickness that literally never goes away and I get out of breath just talking!! It's so strange and annoying! This has happened with all of my pregnancies, but sheesh!!! =P Can I get a break!!?
My vent is.....MY NOSE IS HUGE! I dont even look like myself(again) I want the next 20 weeks to go by really fast so I can have my dear nose back. Ok, so it might be pretty minor for what the end result brings. I cant help but feel WHY ME!
Anyone know what I can do to bring down the puffiness?
Pregnancy hates
My vent is on one of my friends. We grew up together and know each other really well. She's currently 33 weeks pregnant and is driving me mental. She's constantly asking if we have stuff for her or what we're getting her or if she can have our things. I understand she doesn't have much money (she doesn't work and isn't with the Childs father) and I'm helping the best I can with essentials (diapers, wipes, bottles, a cradle etc) but we're not made of money and I hate that she asks ME if she can have OUR stuff.
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