brownish/pinkish discharge 8 dpo
by BabygirlTE, Apr 24, 2012
Hello. I am ttc and I ovulated around 16th. AF is due on 30th. My cycle is consistently 28 days. Today I discovered brownish/pinkish discharge in my undies when I went to potty. Sorry TMI :/ my breast have been extra sort, itchy and plump. Another TMI....nipples are ummmm hard slot lately like I'm always cold. Idk if these could be pregnancy signs or AF showing on day 22 of my cycle. HELP!!!!
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by Factorymomma, Apr 24, 2012
The only true pregnancy symptom is missing your period.  Everything else is involved with pregnancy, but can be an indicator of: pms, illness, hormonal issues, ect.
Although, it does sound promising ;-)  just wait until af is due and if she doesn't show, take a test.:-)
Good luck!
by BabygirlTE, Apr 24, 2012
Thanks momma. Fingers crossed.
by BabygirlTE, Apr 25, 2012
Well today I had a light pink discharge when I wiped. So light I almost missed it. However I did find more brownish discharge in undies after mild cramping in lower abdomen. I still don't know what to think. Its odd that I would be starting AF a week early but I guess anything is possible but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it is IB.
by babybonita, Apr 25, 2012
Sometimes brownish discharge is from an old period. You'll know soon enough. Sending baby dust your way!
by BabygirlTE, Apr 27, 2012
Still spotting here. Had 2 days of light spotting only when I wipe and now on second day of a little heavier spotting but only about the size of a quarter on pad. AF is due on 30th. Waiting to see if bleeding will turn into a full blown option or stop all together. Usually I would be soaking through pads by now with lots of clotting. Sorry TMI. But no clotting at all. There's also no smell like a regular period. I also snack uncontrollably during my cycle and I have actually skipped some meals the past few days. Will just wait it out........