burning sensation in my stomach
by NattiJ, Jan 04, 2012
Dear Doctor,
Lately at night I get this burning feeling inside my stomach every night now for a month. I haven't been eating spicy foods this burning feeling keeps me up all night til morning. I can't go to sleep til the sun rises by that time its not as bad as it would be in the night. What can I do to cute this problem?
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by Jaz1989, Jan 04, 2012
drink some milk.
by SiSi_, Jan 04, 2012
Tums are perfectly safe to take to calm heartburn/acid reflux. ***** but many women experience this during pregnancy.
by coffeebuzzedliz, Jan 04, 2012
This happens to me in the 2nd trimester and normally I never get heartburn or indegesion and I get it from eating pretty much anything. There is no reason to suffer just take some Tums. I do and I feel way better after. It is also not uncommon to have it get worse when you are laying flat, so you would also consider trying to sleep with you back propped up by some pillows if the tums are not taking it all away.
by mommyd2012, Jan 04, 2012
I have this problem but it is do to my gastritis(similar to acid reflex but instead of being in the throat and chest its in the stomache) lots and lots of water and also try eating fresh itailan bread from a bakery. Hope this helps!
by NattiJ, Jan 05, 2012
Thanks guys I'm going to try this right away.... Also I'm beginning to hate the smell of my deodorant, argh so fat I'm using baby powder to cope any suggestions?