laying down in bed long did you wait?
by louieforlaughs, Aug 30, 2008
hey guys,
so i have heard people say that you should lay in bed for 15 minutes after sex to increase conception. but some people say half an hour. i have been just going with things and watching t.v. or cuddling for a little bit. so i haven't really been timing it to the minute. but i was curious how long you guys waiting in bed after?  i figure the longer the better really. but i was just curious to know how long you all did, or do. : )
thanks everyone, i look forward to hearing your experiences.
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by sweetangel7, Aug 30, 2008
Well, this may be tmi BUT we all know how babies are made etc. so I am going to share my experience:  For the last seven months dh and I have been ttc...he had been propping my but up with pillows and bringing me a book so I could have some entertainment while we hoped gravity would help the situation.  Last month, we got a bit randy and didn't bd in bed, we did it standing and I had to go somewhere after so I ended up upright and it was no big deal because we were deciding to just go with the flow and not try so hard last month...well, lo and behold, the one time in months where we weren't laying and propping my but up, and staying inclined/flat on my back we got pregnant!  I was telling my doctor about our laying down and he said there is no medical research that supports it and he actually got a good chuckle...he said the swimmers are strong and don't need any help from gravity...hence the reason why standing up after sex is not a birth control method.  I know what it is like to want to increase all your chances but, I did it for more than half a year and, I'd say do whatever you want and when it is meant to be it will happen =)  Good luck!
by BTS1022, Aug 30, 2008
Honestly it doesnt make a difference. You could get up right after sex and use the restroom or never get up to *clean up* or pee after sex and just roll over and go to doesnt make a difference. By the time your Hubby ejaculates tons of sperms are shot through your cervix and wont come out even if you stand and pee. You have millions of sperm going through your cervix at the time of ejaculation, and you have millions of sperm that are in your vagina or *on the bedspread* lol.

What you feel coming out of you after sex is not nec. sperm. It is the semen, which is the fluid that the swimmers use for a ride through your cervix.

So my point is- It doesnt matter wether you sit there for a cuddle, or get up to go the time he is done with his orgasm, millions of sperm are already on it's way to find their target.
by Latrice414, Aug 31, 2008
they say it dnt mater but sometimes 4 the heck of it I stand on my head 4 about 5 seconds. I cuddle 4 15min 2 give the sperm n vagina a chance 2 make it 2 cervix lol
by louieforlaughs, Aug 31, 2008
thanks everyone!!
my husband knew that it didn't matter but he says it doesn't hurt to just chill out a bit. so i have been. however, yesterday i was reading some websites and they were all, yes, lay there for forever!!! and you will get pregnant. and i was like...that wasn't what i understood. so thank you all for your advice you've put that myth to rest for me. : )
thanks everyone!!
by amy0013, Aug 31, 2008
I have a similar question that I hope isn't TMI.  DH's sperm have never SHOT OUT at ejaculation.  You always hear stories of it flying across the room, etc...LOL!  and that doesn't happen with him.  It never has.  It just sort of oozes out... Because of that I DO feel like I need gravity's help!?!?  Am I wrong in thinking that?  

We got pregnant our first month of TTC with my daughter so I know he's capable...but BTS' comment made me wonder if millions of sperm still shoot up to your cervix after ejaculation even if your DH doesn't normally "shoot" far.  I usually prop my legs for 15-20 minutes, or better yet just stay in bed and go to sleep for the night.  :)  

Also, do kegel exercises make a difference afterwards?  Sometimes while I'm propped up I'll do a few of those to help move them along...but then again it could all just be for NOTHING!  :)  
by Latrice414, Aug 31, 2008
well sperm r good swimmers and only take about 5 min 2 reach cervix from vagina from what I read. A little gravity won't hurt. A d bcuz he is inside u penetrating I'm sure he is close 2 the cervix during ejaculation. Dnt thnk u hve muffin to worry about. Did u ovulate already amy, thnk I may of saw a post that said u did. How often did u use the pressed, I dnt thnk I did yet, no pains or ewcm yet
by JustMe0925, Aug 31, 2008
The night my lil one was made I actually stayed in bed through the entire night without getting up once.  The next morning I got up and showered of course, but I stood it out and just stayed in bed.
by cure65roses, Aug 31, 2008
I have bd' 4 times in the last day and a half.  Poor DH I think he's ready for a break.  LOL  But I tried to stay in bed with hips elevated for at least 15 mins afterward, or like someone said above, all night if possible.  I think it certainly doesn't hurt and can possibly help things a bit.  One thing is for sure, when i jump up and go to the toilet awfterwards, something definetly drains out...   Maybe semen, maybe not sperm, as mentioned above, but as far as i am concerned i need all of it to stay in there right now.  LOL   Sorry too much info here but hey this is a really good subject and I am glad everyone is sharing their experiences.  Would love to hear some success stories from elevating hips!!???   LOL
by amy0013, Aug 31, 2008
Latrice - NO OVULATION YET!  Grrr...starting to get frustrated waiting!  I haven't tested yet today but I'm CD16 and usually O by now.  :(

35MomOfBoys - We're a success story!  I actually laid on the floor next to the bed and kicked my legs up onto the bed so I was doing sort of a 'hand stand' but with my shoulders and head on the ground.  Hope that makes sense!  Don't know if THAT was the reason we conceived...but like everyone else said...I don't think it hurts!  Tell DH he can rest AFTER you're done ovulating!  LOL!  :)