lump above my belly button
by juliehowells12, Jun 10, 2010
Heya i was just wondering if anybody could help me i am having my 3rd child and a lump has appeared above my belly button i havent had this before and it hurts when theres pressure on it. im 14weeks pregnant and a little worried as i dont know what to think about it please anyone who could help
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by mom2ariana, Jun 10, 2010
sounds to me like a hernia..where a hole develops in your abdominal wall.
dont push on it too much and call your doctor. they don't cause any harm during pregnancy but sometimes after pregnancy surgery is needed to fix them.
by rdh1981, Jun 10, 2010
I agree it sounds like a hernia! After I had my second child I was diagnosed with Abdominal Separation, which is a lot like a hernia but not painful. Fortunately they can correct a hernia but with AS you are stuck with it unless you have a tummy tuck. So here I am trying to loose all this weight and I stuck with a huge egg bulging out of my belly! Gross!!!!

Just make sure you mention this to your OB so they can monitor it so it does not get a kink in it!