popping/clicking noise coming from belly (31wks)
by AshelenBlank, May 12, 2010
I'm just curious how many women have experienced this, because from what I've been reading it's pretty rare..and I really don't remember it ever occurring when I was pregnant with Kahlan....
But for the last 2 weeks if the baby is gently stretching or moving (it never happens when he's kicking hard or rolling around a lot) I hear a distinctive "pop" or "click" sound coming from my belly. I'm never moving when it happens, and I know it's not him exerting pressure on my pelvis because I don't feel ANYTHING when it happens. I looked it up and read that some women do hear this during the third trimester, but that it's fairly rare.

So I was wondering how many women have actually experienced this. It's pretty cool and I'm not worried at all, I just want to know how common is it really?

popping noise from baby as they move in your belly?
I think I've had it happen.
I've definitely heard it.
Never heard it.
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by mami1323, May 12, 2010
I heard it once or twice and didn't think much off it.  The last time I did hear a pop is when my contractions started and I went into active labor.  I had thought that my water broke but it didn't.  What's that pop all about?
by AshelenBlank, May 12, 2010
I have absolutely no clue...I was assuming for awhile that it was the baby's joints or ligaments popping (just like mine do because I sound like an old woman when I get up from a chair, lol) but I really am starting to doubt myself on that...because it seems unlikely that it would be audible through all that cushioning, right? But I mean I guess that my joints popping can be pretty loud and it's through a few layers of "cushioning" too...
I also thought for awhile that may it was my ligaments or muscles popping when he pushes at a certain angle but like I said I don't feel ANYthing when it happens and I would imagine that if he pushed hard enough to cause one of my ligaments to make a popping noise I would feel it...

Idk but I guess that it's not actually documented in most medical pregnancy records because it's so rare, but I know I'm not imagining it it's fairly loud and clear as day. I remember reading a post about it a few months ago and thinking "that's crazy, she's just imagining it" but nope it's definitely real lol.
by nickieb85, May 12, 2010
The funny thing about this is that the only time I ever heard the popping sound is when my water broke and believe it or not it made a seriously loud pop noise! I think that it could just be him stretching because not all the fat is there to shield the noise from his joints popping.
by AshelenBlank, May 12, 2010
that's really funny nickie! bloop like a water balloon lol. Yeah I imagine it is him just stretching. it's really weird because i'll be lying there completely still and I hear this CRACK like I just popped a knuckle or my knee or husband doesn't believe me that it's the baby but I'm gonna time it right one of these times and have him actually looking at me when it happens so he knows it's not me lol
by HeatherLF16, May 12, 2010
For me it was my husband who heard it not me.  
His looked stunned and he said "omg I just heard him move it sounded like a clicking"  
I am 28/29 weeks and it happend when he was laying on the couch sort of next to my belly.  I have yet to hear it I didn't believe him!
by amelia_isabel, Jun 18, 2010
it happens to me all the time !!!! it only started for me around 31-32 weeks and i am 35 now. it almost sounds like someone popped bubble wrap inside my stomach . everyone i tell this to thinks im nuts or thinks its gas or body fluids moving around or something like that but i know its not . its not like that... its so strange. it happens to me a few times a day. I can hear it but it doesnt hurt or anything
by AnxiousGurl, Jun 18, 2010
wow, Ive heard something a couple weeks ago, the other day and then again today and i was just laying here thinking whether or not I should post the question.....It sounded like it came from my belly but then I thought I was just imagining it lol..........Thanks for asking this question LOL looks like im not hearing things after all.
by jschoch8, Jun 18, 2010
i did once only- i wonder what it was..
by babygurl69stevo, Jun 18, 2010
well i never heard it for my first i am on my second now and who noes i may end up hearing it to later on i am only going on 15 weeks on monday and  the 21st. but if i hear it and tell some one about it and they dont believe me lol i will litterally show them this conversation right here lol. but its interesting to noe and would be great to noe wut actually does makea sound like that a mile under sea lol...... ill keep this in mind ladies thanks for this interesting peice of info :)