swelling in just one leg?
by shadowserpent, Aug 07, 2008
so i know about ankles and feet swelling during pregnancy but for the past 2 days ive had swelling in just one leg? just one ankle is huge and my foot and today my knee started hurting pretty bad. any had this happen? know what may cause it? im not to worried yet as where the swelling is it isnt painful and my knees have always been bad so it "may" not be related... but just in case im asking for input=)
thanks ladies!
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by kazwel, Aug 07, 2008

I would definitly call the doctors.  Im not sure but i think swelling in just one leg is unusual.  It could be somthing non pregnancy related.
Good luck and keep us posted

by babydreams9, Aug 07, 2008
My left ankle and foot is way more swollen than my right, and has been for weeks (I started swelling around 28 weeks). I have no idea why it's only on one side, but my doc said it's nothing to worry about. If you've always had bad knees, the added weight and shift in center of gravity probably is causing the knee pain. Sorry to hear that! You may be able to alleviate some swelling by staying hydrated and propping your feet up at night.... ahh, the joys are never-ending! :-P

by ovaz129, Aug 07, 2008
I would call the doctor... you could have something else going on like Kazwel said.  Better to be on the safe side :)
by Wendy80, Aug 07, 2008
I never had any pain associated with the swelling, but any time my feet/ankles would swell, it was always worse in my right leg than my left... and in the beginning, the right ankle and foot would swell while my left leg stayed the same.  Very weird.  Sorry no advice... but I did have the same thing happen.  
by shadowserpent, Aug 07, 2008
i tried to call my doctor but it was past 5pm i left a message, unless it gets really big guess ill wait till there open tomorrow
by martikadragoon, Aug 08, 2008

A couple questions: Is the leg hot to the touch? Painful?  
if so you need to get it checked out ASAP. K?

it can be symptoms of a DVT or Deep Vein Thrombosis or a blood clot of the leg. They're more common in pregnant women as we have more blood to move and sometimes our hearts aren't strong enough to pump it all sufficiently.

It's better safe than sorry!! They can do an easy test called a Doppler which is an ultrasound of your leg that goes from groin to ankle to make sure it's NOT a blood clot.
by onlyme27, Aug 08, 2008
Do you lay on that side with the swollen leg when you sleep?  I noticed that one leg would swollen more than the other if I stayed on that leg the whole time I slept
by shadowserpent, Aug 08, 2008
actually i do lay on that side more, but when i sleep the swelling goes away, but the doctors called back and said as long as there was no redness, heat, a fever, spots in my vision or headacxhes, and no pain, that i should be ok. since i have none of those symptoms just have the swelling ill just elevate my legs as much as possible and drink fluids!
by martikadragoon, Aug 08, 2008
that's great that the doctor called back!!!