tight vagina's and painful intercourse
by jalisa19, Aug 21, 2008
is it normal for pregnant women to have tight vagina's during pregnancy and have painful sex?
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by emmiemac, Aug 26, 2008
how pregnant are u? im asking because when i first found out i was pregnant i had the same problem very tight and very dry, and yes it was painful due to this. i am now 4 months and ive only just started wanting to have sex again so i can only put down my experiance to stress and worry and a little bit of lack of interest, im sure a lot of this is a hormones thing and sometimes my head said yes please my body just said no way. maybe because of tiredness aswell but im definatley better now, now its slightly the other way id do it all day every day if i could but now my bf dont seem interested! its a weird and wonderfull time a lot of adjusting to do body and mind im sure its nothing to worry about but maybe a trip to the docs may help settle your mind.
good luck
by happy4all, Aug 26, 2008
I was very tight, swollen and found sex unbearably painful when I was pregnant with my daughter...but not my son. Sex was completely out of the question. There was nothing wrong, and things did resort to normal, but not until around mid 3rd trimester. And no, I didn't tear or need an episiotomy during labor - my body was more than happy to stretch for that. I think sometimes the body just needs to protect inself and recouperate from everything that goes on.

My tightness started sometime in the early first trimester. It was as if my body shut down and said, "nope! don't put that in here - it already did its job!"  

by Super_sally888, Aug 29, 2008

get checked in case there is some infection, like candidasis or something.  I also had this. got treated with some meds and also make sure you use a lubricant.