worrrying about my baby movements at 22 weeks? second pregnancy.
by bear134, Jun 15, 2010
is something wrong if i havent felt my baby move much today and im 22 weeks pregnant and this is my second pregnancy?my daughter move alot  when i was around 22 weeks.
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by LosingMyMindInGABlank, Jun 15, 2010
Every baby is different, and just as we have days where we don't feel like doing much, so do babies.  As long as you are feeling some movements then everything is most likely fine.  I'm almost 28 weeks on my 8th pregnancy (6th to make it out of the first trimester) and I can tell you that each one of my babies had different movement patterns.  If you are ever concerned becuase the baby isn't moving try laying on your side for a while.  If that doesn't work, eat and drink something cold.  If after awhile that doesn't get the baby moving you can always call your ob to see what he/she would like you to do.  

by Juana824, Jun 15, 2010
Hello! First of all, congrats on your pregnancy! Secondly, don't stress yourself. When I was pregnant i felt the same way, my doc assured me that it was really in my mind! But to rest easy, I rented a doppler to listen to her heartbeat.  If you don't do that, i WOULD VISIT MY DOCTOR JUST TO EAS MY MIND! bEST OF LUCK TO YOU WITH THE REST OF YOUR PREGNANCY!
by mom2ariana, Jun 15, 2010
theres really not a big need to worry about movements until 28 weeks..that is why doctors usually suggest starting kick counts at 28. at this point in your pregnancy the baby is still small and movements can be masked because of the baby's position. also i felt the same way several times when i was pregnant.
there would be days where my baby didn't move much and i would get worried...i think i posted a few questions on here about it! i know its always scary no matter what people tell you.
but i can tell you my baby was just fine; she's laying on my chest right now sleeping :) and im sure yours will be also.
by alaysha, Jun 15, 2010
I'm 23 weeks on my second pregnancy and have the same thing happen to me. Its just because like mom2ariana said the baby can hide. I am a super tiny person and once when I didn't feel my last daughter move at about 22 weeks I went to the hospital where they scanned me and there was baby kicking away. She was in a position though where I couldn't feel her. Also, like LosingmymindinGA said, just like with adults babies have their active days and days they just wanna lounge. If you don't feel ANYTHING for 24 hours than maybe call your doctor, but most likely you're baby is just relaxing.
by waitn838, Jun 15, 2010
yesterday i barely felt my baby moving around and i was a bit worried but i pulled out my home doppler and found her heart beat and that helped put my mind at ease

today....she is going crazy in there and def much more active

guess she has some lazy days and some active currently just about 25 weeks...its normal what you're going through :)
by Heatherm4, Jun 15, 2010
I agree...I wouldn't worry. I'm also 22 weeks and for the first time yesterday I think my baby had a lazy day. Maybe it was because of my mood. I myself was very quiet and had kind of a downer day. I was a little emotional. Today he's kicking harder than ever. I don't think you have to worry too much until after 28 weeks when your doc will get you to do some kick counts. It could also depend on where your placenta lays too. Mine is anterior so it's even taken me a while to actually feel kicks in the first place!
by lovely85, Jun 15, 2010
I m in 20th week with my first pregnancy and sometimes i feel sudden pain in my stomach like somebody hitting me..but this is my first pregnancy so i m not able to figure out the baby kicking or something else? how do u ladies feel when baby kicks?
Tomorrow i m going for ultrasound, i will see my baby second time and come to know the baby gender.. hoping for the best..
by tiroloca, Jun 15, 2010
hello bear....every pregnancy is different....I have a 6 1/2 year old girl....with her I did not feel her more then few time in my whole, in 2 day i will be 25 week and this one move all day....believe me...all day to a point to my skin in my belly hurt....I even ask to my doctor if that is normal for my exp with my another child was so different and my doctor told me have people more active to too....she say to be concernt went the baby change the baby allways move a lot and next for more then one day you dont feel it at all....thing like that my doctor say is thing what should worry....but in overall....between you feel your baby, a lot or little but you feel it....that is what matter.....between you can feel it you know it is there and ok....and will be day they will move more then another have day you feel more active to another....remember, your baby is a little person like you....with personality, and they on mood....dont worry....I think everything is ok but if you inside tell you to something is not ok....go and visite your will dont lose nothing to talk about it and see what you doctor think about it....good luck and god blees you and you baby.
by randa346, Dec 15, 2010
i also have been going through this issue.  i am now 24 weeks with first child iv been feeling and seeing movement for about 2 months now and for the first time last week he just moved very little or not at all i called my OB office and they have to let you come in for any concerns so i went yesterday and listened to his heart and he even gave the NP a little kick however i am still freakin out because he is  still not active at all im sure it is normal they told me they get alot of women come in for the very same reason almost every day the concern is normal there is no stupid question for your Dr when you are expecting if you need the reasurance give them a call