Passing tissue during pregnancy
by Michael_DC, May 09, 2004
My wife is 8 weeks pregnant.  She had a few drops of blood in the toilet paper after she urinated a few days ago.  The bleeding has stopped for the most part.  In addition, she has been intermittently been passing tiny flakes of tissue or some kind of clotted material that vary from pink/grey to white in her urine.  The flakes are about the size of oatmeal flakes -- very small.  And she has probably passed about a total of 10-12.  Has anyone had a similar situation?  Is a m/c imminent or starting, or can small amounts of tissue/material be passed in a healthy pregnancy?  Needless to say things are tense on this side.

Thanks for any help.
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by Christina S., May 09, 2004
I had that happen with my last miscarriage but all pregnancies are very different. I would definitley have her call her doctor asap so they can run an ultrasound to make sure the baby is ok.
((hugs)) hope all turns out well!
by capermom, May 10, 2004
I would not say it's normal, sounds like it has to be looked into by her doctor. Good luck.
by KatyH, May 10, 2004
I had this happen in my 6th week.  You described the tissue exactly as I had it.  I was also having light bleeding and cramping which got more intense.  It turned out my progesterone levels were WAY to low and my body was trying to have a period - shed the lining.  My doctor put me on progesterone suppositories that day which I will take until my 12th week.  I am now 8 weeks pregnant and doing great.  Have your wife go to the dr. and make sure they test her progesterone too just in case her situation is similar to mine.

by Niki73, May 12, 2004
I would definatly have your wife see her doctor I don't think that passing tissue is normal...That is how all three of my m/c were. I spotted a little and then it would stop and then it would start again until I started to pass small amounts of tissue. They will give her an ultra sound because they can tell from the shape of the sac if it is starting to m/c and also if there is a heart beat...but again everyone's body is different but just to be on the safe side call her doctor. I have a question though is progesterone the hormone that helps maintain your hcg level? After having 3 m/c with my next pregnancy they started me on hormone injections twice a week for the first 13 weeks of my pregnancy do you think it was progesterone? They told me it would help support my pregnancy because my Hcg levels were low? I never heard the name other then they were giving me hormone injections....It did work though! Please let me know if you think this is what the hormone was...thank you.
by Niki73, May 12, 2004
Thank you so much yes that does help...So they are two different put important hormones that help support the pregnancy. How did you know that you lost your Corpus Luteum? Was is that? I just wonder if that happened in any of my first three miscarriages. Thank you for all of your help.
by S.A.M., May 12, 2004
I am 14 wks preg. I lost my corpus luteum at week 6 which produces progesterone to support a pregnancy. They put me on vaginal suppositories twice a day until I reached 10 weeks because the Dr. said my progesterone was low since I lost the corpus luteum and this can lead to miscarriage. Your progesterone has to stay at a certain level to support the pregnancy.  After week 10 the sac is fully formed and it takes over producing enough progesterone to support the baby. The HCG levels (the way I understand it) are totally seperate from the progesterone levels.  They peak at week 12 and then start declining rapidly at week 14. This is why alot of people's morning sickness symptoms get better after the 3rd month because HCG is what causes all those symptoms.  Hope this helps.
by S.A.M., May 14, 2004
I found out really early this time that I was preg. (at 4 wks)  They did an ultrasound then and couldn't see anything yet but that I did have a corpus luteum (nodule left behind on the ovary after the egg is released that produces progesterone)

Two weeks later when they found the "initial sac" they also saw that I had lost my corpus luteum.  If you don't have one of these to stay intact the Dr. said normally your progesterone will drop so low that you'll miscarry.  She said alot of people miscarry before they even know that they're pregnant because they didn't keep a corpus luteum.  They made me come back every week while I was on the progesterone medicine to look and make sure they still found a heartbeat each time.  They first detected the heartbeat at week 7.

I didn't go thru this with my 4 yr old.  I didn't even know I was preg. with him until week 7. I had never even heard of a corpus luteum until I came down with this problem. From what my Dr. said, the loss of this corpus if one of the main reasons alot of people miscarry in the first place.

Sorry you've been thru so much and hope things get better. I'm new to this site and have found help thru other people's experiences. Hope I have helped you.

by Niki73, May 17, 2004
Thank you for all your information it has been very helpful. I am new to this site too but I think it is great. I will have to ask my doctor about that the next time I am pregnant...I had to do the same thing as you once we found the hear beat which I think was around 5 or 6 weeks I received the HGC injections right away and I too had to have an ultra sound once a week to make sure there was a heart beat up until I think I was 13 weeks along.... The doctor tells me the next time I get preganct we will do a ultra sound and if there is a heart beat he will do the injections right away again.... But I did have an empty sac with one of my miscarriages but he never told me if I was missing my corpus luteum. That is interesting...sometimes I wonder how well doctors look at the ultra sound..they seem insensitive at's been very nice talking with you - thankyou.
by Nasoora, Jun 06, 2004
Hi everyone. I got married in december of 2003. Before I got married I was a virgin. I am 23 years old. I first got pregnant in february and then I have a m/c in march. Then I got pregnant again late march and had a m/c during mid may. My husband and I tried to avoid another pregnancy but now we are pregnant. My hcg levels during previous pregnancies were ok. And they were doubling within certain periods. I had internal and external ultrasounds and in both cases a heartbeat was detected. Then after they would detect a heartbeat the m/c will happen soon after(like 2 weeks or so). I recently went to my GYN and he told me that I just have to wait and see what happens with this pregnancy. After sex, the bleeding always starts. But whenever I am not active in sexual activities there is no bleeding. They told me nothing is wrong with me internally. I do not know what is going on. And my husband is going crazy. This is my 3rd pregnancy and I spotted light pink blood 2 weeks ago and that is why I went to my GYN and he told me I was pregnant. He said the blood could have been implantation bleeding(spotting). But after I have sex I pass tissue and bleed. What is the problem here. I don't have any kids yet and I want one so bad. Any help? Is it my progesterone(they never tested this horomone I don't think)HELPPPP.