Baby at 38 - too old???
by Jujubiyo, Nov 13, 2010
I am 37 yrs old and have two healthy boys age 6 & 4.  I have been wanting to have 1 more baby but hesitated because of financial and obligations concern.  I went to my doctor in July 2010 for the yearly check up and bring up the possibility on trying to become pregnant next year.  Wow....she immediately brought up all the concerns on "OLD AGE" pregnancy - higher risks on down syndrome, miscarriage....etc.  She even said that if in the case that the 3rd baby has some medical issues, that would change the dynamic between me and the boys!!! I was kinda discouraged as I didn't really thought that 38 was that old - well, before I walked in the doc's office anyway.  Has anyone have similar experiences?  How big of a risk really of having baby at this age?  Feel big difference during the pregnancy between a younger and older age?  Any suggestions would help!  Thanks!!

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by oceanv, Nov 13, 2010
I had a baby - conceived at 39, no genetic anomolies
My girlfriend had her first baby at 38, second at 39, no genetic anomolies.......

Good Luck,
by Sakinah69, Nov 13, 2010
I got that from my doc to, she goes why do you want to go and do that at your age. I am 41, 42 in Feb. I have 4 kids 22, 21, 17 and 9. I have had 2 cycles since I have had my IUD out, first cycle I had a miscarriage, and I think I maybe pregnant now.
by happynifer, Nov 13, 2010
i am pregnant with my first at 36 and we want 1-2 more....
you do have to think more about chromosomal issues, but otherwise it's been an uneventful pregnancy
by worried2451, Nov 13, 2010
I just had my first at 39. Healthy baby boy! I did have pih during pregnancy, was monitored closely and induced at 38 weeks! Good Luck!
by renny320, Nov 13, 2010
I was concerned at my last appointment about letting my doctor know that I am trying to get pregnant at 37 because I was afraid she would be negative about it. She was actually really encouraging. I was very happy she felt that way. I am sorry your doctor is so negative.
by nola0805, Nov 13, 2010
I just had my first baby at age 40 (pregnant at 39).  He is 10 weeks old and so far is the picture of health.  My pregnancy was also uneventful, and my doctor was very supportive.  38 is not too old even in the slightest - there is an increased risk of genetic abnormalities, but even with that risk , the genetic counselor explained to me that there is 98% chance at age 39 of having a healthy baby.  There also is an increased risk for pregnancy  complications such as gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia, but again not likely and so, so many of us (here on the forum and beyond) have had normal pregnancies and health pregnancy at your age and older.  Unless you really are attached to your doctor, you might want to think about switching to a more supportive doctor.  Good luck.
by 40plusmom, Nov 13, 2010
I'm 41 and 32 weeks pg my other child os 7. My doctor mentions my age a lot but that's about all. I did not have any special testing except level 2 ultrasound.  I even have high blood pressure when I'm not pregnant but it has been great with no meds!! My ONLY problem with this pregnancy is severe fatigue, which I don't think is a true health issue. I say go for it!!
by Azwoman, Nov 13, 2010
I am suprised your doc said 38 is old... sheesh I am 38 and TTC, I am ready now more than ever and  in the best health ever, and not afraid anymore. My RE and gyn had no concerns at all. I know lots of people who had kids in their late 30s, friends from high school, sister, etc, very uneventful pregnancies and all babies were healthy. There is always a chance of DS and other abnormalties but all in all, the chances are greater of having a healthy baby. Good luck!\
by Allip77, Nov 13, 2010
Maybe it depends where you live.  38 is not too old at all where I live to have a baby.  I had my first at 40 (pregnant at 39) - no issues.  The only thing my doctor recommended differently because of my age was to do a CVS.  I felt amazing my whole pregnancy - full of energy except well, for the first trimester - and had an easy vaginal delivery.  Of course, I don't know how to compare it since I'd never had a baby at a younger age!

If you really want a baby, I'd say definitely go for it!  And maybe switch doctors!  Sheesh, I think it's interesting your doctor said anything like that...